Now THIS is Sweet! (finally got it home) white/gold

Discussion in '1974 - 1978 Mustang II Talk & Tech' started by Mstng2, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. If a white cobra can have gold stripes, than I guess a black one can have blue stripes eh? :D

  2. Nice!
    It's got a mean look to it, like it would kick somebody's ass.
  3. Wow I never thought of black with blue stripes that actually looks great!!

    ...and mean? Yes, absolutely! Kick A$$ and take names, this is one II that no one will laugh at, It should rip down a 12 second quarter mile. Thats a full second faster than a Supercharged Saleen (I got one of those too ;) It will definitly Demand respect.
  4. Thanks!
    Yours looks completely different, and very tuff indeed!

    Are you doing the decals yourself? If so, be thankful you had the stripes painted :bang: ... it's :bs:
  5. Yes, I am doing the sides decals myself, The bodyshop (if you can believe it ruined the first set I bought) So I made them buy me a new set and now I am doing them myself. I knew the top stripes would be a PITA so I had those painted.
  6. My older brother told me once that he uses windex on the sticky side to make the decals able to be moved around until they can be perfectly aligned. Gently swipe outwards to remove bubbles with moist rag, Windex dries, decal sticks.
  7. Yes, exactly! Windex does work but the best soution is 1 oz dish soap to 16 oz of water in a spray bottle. The alcohol in the windex makes it dry too fast. Then use a squeegee to remove the water from behind the graphic/decal. Let dry for 3 hours before removing the top paper.