NPD wheel adapter thickness?

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by VTStang66, Nov 28, 2003.

  1. anybody know?
  2. dude, long time.
    give them a call. they are open 24 hrs. unless you tried calling yesterday (holiday)
  3. you can find adapters for much cheaper ($170 a set) on ebay. You can have them make them ether 1" or 1.25" for that price also.
  4. i saw them for $99 in my mustang magazine. if you want me to, i can find out which vendor makes them.
  5. $150...set of 4 on ebay...custom made to your specs!

    cant beat that.
  6. Howdy Stranger!

    I have no further information to add to this thread. I just wanted to say hi. Is that so wrong? :D
  7. Hey man, yeah I haven't been around much lately, lots of other things going on right now.

    Anyway, the reason I ask these questions is because I'm making a couple inferences. I think the wheel adapters everybody uses for the bullitt wheels are 1.25", and I think that the 16" late model wheels I have would need the same adapters, since they come off the same car. That makes sense, right?

    I measured a couple times and I'm pretty sure I need the 1.25" adapters, but I don't want to find out I can't measure after I paid $200+ for wheel adapters. Does all this sound about right or am I way off?
  8. if you get the wrong ones, I don't think you will have too much of a hard time getting riding of them.
    cough, cough