Nu Finish "once a year car polish"

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  1. WTF is up with this stuff? I bought some just to try it out and it f'n blows! I tried it on my explorer and on my cobra........ bad on both. It is extremely difficult to buff the polish back off the car. If you wait for the haze, its like trying to buff dried concrete off the car. Even if you rub it on and literally wipe it right back off, it is extremely difficult to get it all off. It leaves numerous swirl marks all over. No I am not doing this in the sun, no the paint isn't hot. WTF :shrug: This stuff is crap! I don't care if it does last a year, its not worth the frustraition or the money. :nonono:
  2. Yeah I never really bought the whole once a year crap.
  3. The most durable sealant/wax I've used is Zaino, and that lasts about 6 months. I don't think anything will last 1 year any time soon, especially if you wash your car regularly.
  4. Thanks for the 'heads up' :nice:
  5. My general rule of thumb is to let people here be the guinea pigs... if people on here swear by it...then it is probably good.
  6. I like the stuff. It doesn't last a year, Thats nothing new, but the stuff does work well despite the hard work it is to use. I usually lay down a coat of NuFinish, then a coat of Gold Class

    Looks/Application: Meguiars Gold Class > NuFinish.

    Quality: NuFinish > Gold Class
  7. I've been using NuFinish for about a year now and it's works very well for me. I like it because it goes on very smooth. Each to their own, but personally think it one of the better "off the shelf" waxes.

    *** I was at K-Mart once and two guys came down the "wax aisle" and went right to NuFinish and literally cleaned the entire shelf empty. They each carried about 6 bottles of the stuff. Most likely they worked for a body/paint shop.... :shrug:
  8. 93teal-

    how do you get it to buff back off?

    I thought maybe it was so difficult because my explorer hasn't been waxed in a LONG time...which would help explain some difficulty,,,,, but I also couldn't get the stuff to buff off on my cobra.

    Do you add any water....?
  9. Well, it really helps that both my cars have pretty new paint jobs. If your trying to wax a vehicle that hasn't been waxed in awile, I think any wax is going to be hard to take off. As far as scuff/swirl marks, I don't know what to tell you. Alot of "off the shelve" waxes leave them.
  10. more on the rule of thumb...if its adverstised on TV at 3am.. its s**t
  11. I discovered this stuff many many years ago in Germany where I used it on a crappy car I had. To tell you the truth, it worked pretty well, especially in the rain where the water just rolled off the car. Awhile later, I let the car sit under a tree for six months, and after washing it, I used the stuff again, and it came out pretty good considering what the car just went thorugh.

    I recently used it again on someone else's car and it did a pretty decent job.

    This stuff isn't for someone who's looking to make their car look absolutely fantastic. It is more like a quick fix for a car that just needs some attention.
  12. Yeah...the whole once a year thing is appealing to people like my parents, that don't even wax a car once per year. I don't think Nu-Finish can be beaten for the price. I saw it advertised on sale for $3.99 versus $14.99 for NXT.

    While NXT is like rubbing lotion on and off your car, it seems to last 1-2 weeks, and maybe I'm wrong, but I swear this stuff seems like a dust magnet.

    NU-Finish was much more effort, but it seemed to last months when I used to use it. And YES, it does become like concrete if you let it sit on your car too long. Make sure to read the instructions of doing it in sections, and when it dries, remove, and it's not too bad. This is NOT a polish that you want to apply to the entire car, let it sit for hours, and remove; then, you will hate the stuff. It's also a complete pain to get off rubber, moldings, etc, so be prepared; and it produces a ton of dust. But in the end, it seemed to last much longer.

    However, I'm buying some Zaino to see if it's the miracle of polishes people claim it is.
  13. 3M Imperial Hand Glaze, I buy the quart size for $17. as the 8oz bottle will be over $10. then you have enough...

    if you have a buffer (orbital preferrably) buzz over the whole truck (panel at a time) and it ill remove ALOT of the fine scratches, swirls, oxidation, and bring a shine back, usually going over it once...then hand waxing it works great, but it has to be a good sealnt wax.

    some in-expensive but good ones:

    Rain-X (can)
    Blue Coral (can)
    Mequirs NXT GEN
    Prestone (believe it or not) and this stuff you can use in FULL SUN too :rolleyes:

    and of course micro fiber cloth for wipe off, to deal with all that pesty
    wax dust :D

    Good Luck

  14. Are orbital buffers worth the money?
  15. I've used Nufinish in the past and found it to be OK, easy to use,etc. But it doesn't seem to come off black plastic parts (mouldings, flat finish areas) very well. Leaves a residue that turns whitish after a while, looks like s...! When I wax I try to avoid getting wax on those type of parts but sometimes you can't help getting a little bit smeared on.
    Also, if you want any wax job to last longer try washing the vehicle by hand using a non-detergent type car soap and plenty of water to rinse. Car washes are murder on good wax jobs also. Seems like nothing in car waxes last a whole year but your washing technique can help make it last longer.
  16. To speed the waxing process along and to eliminate screw ups, as this process usually doesn't take place until I'm four hours into cleaning the Stang, I use painter's tape on all the moldings. That way I can get right up to the molding without getting wax all over it! :nice:
  17. Painters tape! That's a great idea. Won't leave residue, pulls off easily. I'll try it for sure!
  18. 2 things:

    1) use big 100% cotton bath towels to buff off the polish...if you're using little'll take forever.
    2) always have a compatible Quick Detailer on hand...when the polish is a PITA to get off...just spritz the area with the QD and the polish should wipe right off.

    I'm a huge Zaino fan...tried Klasse...but their Selant Glaze was a huge PITA...and I found I liked the Zaino relection better (black car here). Also tried just about every off-the-shelf deal too...never tried NuFinish though.

    Bottom line...Quick Detailer is a huge help when you're polishing by hand.

    Personally, the thought of using a machine scares the hell out of me...I figure if I screw up with a machine...I REALLY screw up.

  19. yes, but it in't something you want to do all the time, (I only use a buffer on a oxidized paint job) - or one that is badly swirled/ scuffed) the DA style buffers leave swirls if you are not careful
  20. I'd stay away from 100% cotton towels. A good microfiber towel does a better job and is a bit safer on your paint.

    Also...if your polish is that hard to remove, I suggest either getting a PC to work it in better or some better polish.