Nu Finish "once a year car polish"

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  1. Those touchless car washes leave a residue that builds up. If you haven't waxed your vehicle in a year or two, get a cleaner wax and get the crud off.
    Regular waxes just won't take the buildup off. Plus, when you use your regular wax, it will look a lot better.
  2. IMO, Nu-Finish buffs off a lot easier then regular plain-jane waxes like Turtle Wax.
  3. There are two reasons why people have problems removing product.

    1. Most people apply way too much product. It is far better to apply two very thin layers than it is to apply one heavy one.

    2. Different products require different hazing times. Read the directions for the recommended time for removal.

    If the product you are using seems difficult to remove than do two things, apply less and remove after every panel rather than applying to the entire car and going back to remove.

    Sure ease of removal is nice but, it doesn't signify that the product is any better or worse than anything else.
  4. I use the MF towels for the QD...but big cotton bath towels to remove the majority of the polish.

    But I hear you....I'm actually getting ready to make another order from my car care guy....waffle weave drying towels...more MF towels...waterless wash...etc.

    Those MF towels sure add up when you order them 10 at a time.
  5. Nu Finsh"once a Year car polish"

    Don't like too many things sold on tv, most of its crap like diet pills and the Tornado.If it sounds too good to be true than it is. By far the best wax I have ever used is Zymol a little on the pricey side 18 to 20 bucks a bottle, but It has worked well for me!!
  6. I've used Nu-Finish before as well, and I can say it is NOT a once a year car polish, but works well. I could leave the car in direct sunlight, and that stuff buffs right off with little effort.