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  1. So my tork tech terminator kit with a 2.93 pulley put down 405rwhp and 425rwtq. I need to go back for a retune because I ran out of fuel and need a boost a pump.

    Also,my IATs are 142 at idle, does anyone know what could cause this? My tuner said they should be around 120. It was also nearly 90 degrees today, would that make the IATs higher?
  2. also, i used some 90 degree elbows to run the lines between my reservoir/heat exchanger/intercooler. The elbows fit inside of the 3/4 inch line, could that restrict my coolant flow enough to cause my IATs to get that high?
  3. That is pretty stout.

    I would venture a guess that the outside temp affected the IAT but mine usually hovers around 90 and it gets hot as Hades here.
  4. Good numbers!

    Time for meth!
  5. Would the fact that my iat sensor has been moved up into the actual intake manifold have anything to do with the high temps? My fluid still feels cool
  6. Very nice numbers! Got a graph to post?

    I'd say those IAT numbers are fine. At idle, you aren't moving much air through the blower. Therefore, it has a decent amount of time to pick up heat from the blower. Even at idle, that blower gets pretty warm. Just stick your hand on it after it's been running a while....

    What are they during the runs? That's a lot more important.

    On my non-intercooled M112 setup, 140 is actually pretty decent at idle. I've datalogged lots of complete runs with methanol. They'll usually start at around 140-150, then come down to 100-110 by the end of the run, and as soon as the methanol kicks off, even without pushing actual boost through the blower (i.e. idling or low rpm/low load cruising), the temps start heading back up from all the underhood heat soak. It'll be back to 140 within a few minutes.

    Also, the IAT sensor HAS to be on the blower/manifold. Tuning a car without knowing the downstream IATs will yield either 1) a blown motor, or 2) a motor that is leaving about 50 horsepower on the table.
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  7. Il post a graph later! Unfortunately it does not tell me my IATs during my runs I for some reason didn't ask....I was too excited about the numbers!

    What should my IATs be while cruising?
  8. While driving around my IATs stay around 124-126. That normal?
  9. for a roots blower, yes!

  10. thanks for the response! Does an iat of 140-146 sound high while idling on a 90 degree day? this is after idling for 10 mins plus
  11. I found out that I made a stupid mistake and have some of my intercooler/heat exchanger/pump /reservoir lines wrong. Could this be why my car was running hot?
  12. anymore input anyone?
  13. is proper lay out of the cooling system critical to it working properly? I made the stupid mistake of running my hoses in the wrong order!
  14. just did some more driving today. I have my cooling system plumbed correctly now. seems to want to stay around 136 in stop and go traffic once the car is up to temperature. When i come off the highway they go up to 150 but once i get back into city traffic again they are down to 136. Sometimes higher and sometimes lower.