Numerous fuel issues, poss single problem?

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  1. I have a 1988 Mustang 2.3 4cyl engine. I am not sure, but possibly my low battery power could be the problem, seeing as I have an electric fuel pump. I use a good bit of fuel injector cleaner, so I know that clogged fuel injectors probably aren't the problem. About a year ago, my car just died, acting as if I had run out of gas, but I just filled it up. I waited a couple of days, left it sitting where it broke down, and I changed the fuel filter. It started right back up with no problem. 6 months later, the same thing happened, but I changed the fuel filter immediately, but it still would not start. I left it there for 2 days, and it started up like nothing happened. Now, I was informed that it was the fuel pump, but if the fuel pump went out, then would it not start back at all? Also, my fuel guage quit working correctly around the time that this had first happened; it will go all the way to the full mark when I rev it up. Also, sometimes when I pump gas, the nozzle will act as if I had a full tank, you know, "click" or what not. Could all of these issues contain the same problem? They say that it will cost me over $300 to replace the fuel pump, because it is in my tank. I dont want to pay that kind of money if it is not the fuel pump, and they want $30-$60 to check my fuel system to find the problem. I am not sure if it is the catalitic converter, but there is a hole the size of a silver dollar an inch before it. The acceleration has always sucked somewhat unless it is warmed up for about 15 or so minutes, even in the summer. It is not the transmission fluid. What could the problem be?
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  5. #1.. TFI, usually fuel problems will cause the car to sputter and die, if it just shuts off i would check your Igntion Module (TFI) they can be changed for about 60 bucks, when they go bad they will die, cool down, and work again later just like you describe.

    #2 Fuel pump, when the car dies can you hear the pump working. Its a ford, if you dont hear the pump then the pump isnt working, it should prime when you turn the key on for a sec, then it will shut off until you start the car. You should hear the hum when the car is running. If the car dies, and there is no hum, or the pump wont prime, its probably your pump.


    I posted a reply to your message, not that you checked it. If those little diagnostics dont work, DR is right aswell...the TFI mod is usualy the trouble maker in these cars.

    This board maybe the internet, but dont go be treating people here or saying things you wouldnt say to there face, Remember We are taking time (free of charge) to give you our advice to save you time , blood ,sweat and tears...did i mention FREE. You could take it to your local mechanic, spend a load of money...i guess thats your choice~

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    I appreciate everyone's help, and to answer the last response, first off, I do apologize, but when people act like that towards me, I respond, on the internet, or face to face. Keeping feelings locked in has caused me to blow up at people for nothing in the long run. So if someone criticizes me for something that is pointless, I will tend to smart off back. For every action, there is an equal and/or opposite reaction. My apologies if it caused any hurt or harsh feelings.
    Err...what is the TFI module? I have EFI, if that is relevant.
  8. the TFI controls Spark to the sparkplugs. If it goes bad, you go nowhere. its on the side of the distributor.