Nuther Fox Project (1980 Cobra)


Formerly: redcandy2011gt
Sep 24, 2009
Yup... I'm officially insane. You've probably seen project divorce since I'm a post-whore and all

But I recently picked up and saved a 1980 Cobra with very low miles (40,000) but has been "restored" VERY badly so it looks like a 300,000 mile junker right now.

So I'm in the process of fixing rust (frame-rail, floors, 1/4 panel., A-pillar), stripping ALL the paint to metal, fixing everything and then painting it as per factory (it was Medium grey with red Cobra decals from factory). It won't be stock though: Roller 5.0, T5, 8.8 rear, 5-lug, 17" bullets, etc...

Should be pretty sweet once done, I'm just waiting to get my hoist setup in my garage to start really cutting into it :D Cheers!
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