Nutreal Safety switch

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Black 93 Fox, Dec 24, 2003.

  1. I know i cant spell worth beans :D Anyways how do i unhook the safety switch? I posted in another thread but didnt get a answer.
  2. Park/Neutral Position switch

    Automatic tranny: on LH side

    Manual tranny: on top front

    that is where AllData says they are under Locations but the wiring diagram shows the switch for the auto is attached to the shifter in the center console.

    Clutch interupt switch: on clutch pedal support
  3. So on the manual tranny its on the clutch pedal inside the car? What all do i have to do to unhook it?
  4. unplug the connector and jump it(the connector) with a jumper wire. there may be 2 switches jump the one that is closed(pushed in) when the clutch pedal is pushed in.
  5. thanks cjones
  6. This pic might help..........You can do it under the dash. The automatic cars had the jumper shown installed from the factory. Notice that the wires are Red with Light Blue stripe.
  7. Thanks tomoss yeah that did help. Looks like the only thing i will have to do is unplug it under the dash.
  8. how do you do it on an auto tranny?
  9. There nuetral safety switch on the auto is part of the trans wiring harness - the harness at the dash has that jumper you see in the pic and the neutral switch is in the tranny. I wouldn't suggest bypassing them permanently in either situation.