NXT is by far the bst i've used to date

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  1. Just did the NXT tech wax after a wash and claying this past saturday (finally some nice weather in MD) unfortunatly it just snowed. Going to see if the wax held up tomorrow after salt and snow. Looking at it a bit today, besides some residue on the surface, I still see a large portion of the shine. I will say the the clay bar helps a ton on the rough areas, and the NXT wax works wonders on swirls. Most of my cars body panels have seen 138k miles, and besides a few small dents, a lot of the paint looks almost as good as new.

  2. Give it a wash, the shine should come back. I have had it on my car for almost 5 weeks and so far I am pleased. The beading is not as good as it was in the beginning but, it is obvious there is still protection there. The paint still shines like the day I put it on and is still very slick. For any wax or sealant you do have to keep up the washing as dirt and grime will erode anything you have on the paint. I wash weekly no matter what the weather. If it is too cold outside I use QEW (do a search for it on www.autopia.org) in the garage. As to the swirls I would not count on any product to permanently hide them. You really need to do some prep work beforehand to get rid of them. The side benefit is NXT or any product for that matter will look even better on a properly prepped surface.
  3. Thats some pretty shiney wax. Does anyone use Collinite? Its as shiney as any Meguiers but it lasts for several months. I've only been able to order it online, but its worth the $20.

  4. hmmmm....only 1 post and that post is recommending a product :bs: . Sorry buddy it seems your trying to pitch a sale :nonono:
  5. Sorry I came across as trying to sell something, I wasn't. I was just trying to pass along a good find.

    I was complementing the NXT, looks very wet, better than Zaino. I have a wax fetish and a dozen half used bottles of various waxes. :shrug: It just seems that meguiers never last more than a month, but they look good.

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  6. what's the deal with the residue? after i wax i get that. am i not letting the product dry long enough?
  7. 10-15 minute dwell time at room temp. Temp and humidity willl affect drying time. You can let it sit on the car over night in the garage and take it off the next day if you want to
  8. You will get residue if you put too much on of any product. NXT Tech Wax has to be applied "thin". If you are worried about coverage do another "thin" layer the next day.
  9. i just waxed my tru blue with this stuff and it looks great..............but i noticed that some spots looked darker then others after taken the wax off......maybe i didn't apply it as good as i should have.......it reminds me of the zymnol stuff
  10. heres my 92 explorer..... i used the nxt today for the first time, i LOVE it, not going to use anything else anymore. its 12 year old paint, and it looks GREAT!


    nxt gets my vote!
  11. I just bought the NXT stuff yesterday, i can't wait to put on my stang and see how well it works!
  12. Wow your explorer looks great for its age
  13. nice! theres a review of it at autopia, alot say its great for black..i ordered mine 2 days ago...only thing i dont like about it has cleaner properties in it...but the ease of use and darkin my black car..i need to try it...and i'm a zaino user..but this stuff does not fill scratches..or does it go on as easy as they say
  14. Yes it does appear to have very very slight cleaning properties but as you may have seen on Autopia unless you are driving a clothes dryer with a blue sharpie paint job than I think you will be ok :D

    Yes it goes on and comes off with ease. I let it haze for 4 hours and it still came off easier than anything I have tried before.

  15. Better than Zaino

    I used to use Meguires products and tried about everything out there. The product I'm currently using and have been using for about a year is the Zaino. I use the Z-5 black (swirl remover) bottle most of the time. Is this new NXT better than the Zaino? I just want to Zaino fans to say it better yet. I'm always on the search for the best. Thanks.
  16. Same question as Nathan...how does it compare to Zaino and especially ha sanyone used it on 35 year old original paint? Mine looks a new paint job with Zaino but am always looking for something better and easier.
  17. Why not just pick up a bottle and try it? You are not out anything but the purchase price. I will say that NXT is easier than Zaino in that you don't have any of the worries about having to remove any oils or wax from the paint before using or after. I personally like the way it looks on my paint better than Zaino did but, is it better than Zaino?? I don't know, you are going to have to be the judge of that for yourself.
  18. I use mothers wax. When I had my red truck it looked very good when I used it. I used a buffer from walmart to put it on and take it off. I also have meguiers #9 swirl remover but havent used it yet on my stang. Should I wax 1st and use the #9 or use the #9 1st and mothers wax after?
  19. You should use #9 first and then wax. It may take several applications with #9 to remove the swirls depending on how bad they are. Just be patient and work slowly, one section at a time. Follow the directions on the bottle.