O how the tables have turned

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  1. :nonono: :notnice:
  2. When my car was tuned, I told them I was mainly looking for drivability, not max power. This is my daily driver. Plus, I don't have a 4.6.....I have a 3.8 which was estimated at approx. 290 rwhp if the dyno would've been able to record my engine RPM's as opposed to rear wheel speed. I didn't have time to let the car cool down after driving 2 1/2 hrs to the dyno.

    But I think it's pretty good for a V6
  3. Wow!

    Didnt even NOTICE you had a V6(hence 232), that is some awsome numbers!

    It would be a VERY close race between you both, but like i said, one slip up and its finished.

    You have any gears?

  4. no gears.......still stock airplane gears....I think they're 2.79/1 (maybe) just a guess on my part there. I'm still looking into an 8.8 with 3.73's and that should really help
  5. My first question is not about what car he has, but can he drive?

    Many fast cars perform like crap when equipped with they !Driver.

    Many average cars perform like they should not when equipeed with a good, knows how to launch and drive them hard mod.
  6. Well we ARE in the v6 talk forum after all. :D
  7. Probably. You have good hp numbers but an ASSLOAD of torque. Must be nice. :rolleyes:
  8. Those are some decent #'s you have there, but 42lb. injectors seem pretty big for those #s.

    I am looking at making 460-480 rwhp on motor and I will be using 42lb. injectors.

    Just curious.
  9. 42lb injectors are recommended (required?) for the 11psi setup if i'm not mistaken. I think its more for a "just in case" rather than a "detrimental to your engine" scenario. You can probably get away with smaller ones.
  10. On your site you have 0-60 MPH @ 2.37 seconds...a bud of mine did the same thing...he thought that was your 60'...it is your 0-60 MPH.
  11. Who are you talking to?
  12. You, your car domain site.
  13. Ohhh, on the side. I didn't even look at that. Yeah I don't much like car domain anyway. They have a really ghetto way of setting everything up. Anyway, thanks for the tip, I'll go take that out. Believe it or not, my car doesn't got 0-60 in 2.37 seconds.
  14. How about we make Iraq an official street racing legal country? plenty of oil there.. 5 cents/gal :nice:
  15. We can do that? Why the hell haven't we done that yet?