O/r X Pipe Or High Flow Cats?? Plz Help!

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  1. So i have a 2011 ford mustang 5.0. I currently have a cat back Borla atak exhaust. I am looking to buy BBK 304 stainless Long tube headers. My question is do i get the O/R x pipe or just do high flow cats xpipe. I am looking to hear videos of both. One with the O/R x pipe and one with High flow cats. If i went O/R how bad is the gas smell and is it ridiculously loud? By the way i am located in Florida.
  2. I had a similar decision to make. I decided to go with the O/R x pipe.
  3. are you happy with the choice? hows the gas smell when stopped, and last but not least. Do you get pulled over for your car being too loud? haha
  4. If you're trying to stay legal with the cats then I'll throw in a word of caution. The BBK cats may or may not work well enough to pass. Mine didn't. It threw a code and I was hosed. Luckily I was able to get it inspected in a non-emissions county. BBK was pretty useless on the matter and I had a tune from Bama performance and they weren't helpful either. The fix is probably going down and getting it tuned by a tuner, but I never got around to it since I was legal and didn't care.
  5. you just said you didn't pass and went to another county to bypass the system, I wouldnt exactly call that legal :shrug:
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  6. If you stand behind my car, you'll eventually die of gas inhalation. I mean its a smell that'll stick in your clothes and skin. It's loud but nothing ridiculous. On a scale of 1 to 10, when driving "normally" its about a 8. Wide open its like hearing a NASCAR scream buy. I haven't been pulled over yet for being too loud. However, if it's late at night or I'm in the neighborhood, I've been known to get enough speed and turn the car off and roll into my parking spot lol

    My mods are: long tube headers, off road x pipe, flowmaster outlaw exhaust, intake, tune; I did upgrade to a barton short throw shifter and two post bracket (night and day difference from stock)
  7. LOL i love that you have to coast into your parking spot. thanks for the information and quick response, i am going with the O/R x pipe.
  8. It's legal because I don't live in the county with the emissions laws, it's just registered there. In fact I don't even live in Texas technically, but I keep it a Texas registered car because F Louisiana. Loop holes man. Loop holes. I just drive to the county next to Louisiana and get it inspected :D
  9. Florida doesn't have issues with o/r x cause we don't get inspections. The gas smell is there. You learn to deal with it as well as the noise. It's about an extra 14 hp
  10. While we're discussing exhausts and I'm too lazy to make a new thread, I have a question lol. I have a Corsa x-pipe with a Bassani axle back and the drone is TERRIBLE. Would it be beneficial to either remove or replace the cats? It also feels like I'm losing a little low end, almost as if the exhaust isn't breathing well?
  11. I have the 4.6, not the 5.0 but this should be comparable... I have BBK long tubes and BBK X pipe with the high flow cats and borla stingers. My friend has the exact same exhaust but with the o/r x pipe. All of our other mods are the same, just different brands. As far as sound goes, and he agrees, my car with the cats sounds better. His is not any louder, at least not noticeably, but when he hits the higher rpms, he gets kind of a nasty cackle sound, where mine with the cats stays a strong deep growl all the way through. We are also drag strip buddies and I consistantly beat him by at least .6 sec in the 1/4. Maybe im a better driver, maybe the brands of my other mods are that much better (doubtful).... who knows? but what I can tell you is that its not my cats that give me the edge so dont worry about losing a great deal of power over the o/r pipe.