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  1. Oxygen Sensors help

    I am trying to find out the location of a 96 mustang Gt's O2 sensors, i believe there are 4 O2 sensors. I recently had it diagnosed and turns out that one of the O2 sensors are bad. Also How would i know which one is bad and can i easily install it myself as inexpensively as possible without having to take it to the ford dealership.
  2. O2 sensors are usually about $50_$70 bucks, you will need a special O2 socket,

    It has to have a cut down the side to clear the wire harness on the sensor. You also want to use anti-sieze compound(the silver paste looking stuff) on them when you change them so they dont bind up in the exhaust.

    As for location...follow you exhaust from the manifolds to exhaust tips, I 'm sure you'll see them.

    On the newwer stangs they are fore and aft of the cats.

    The forward pair of O2 sensors are the hardest to get at. The aft set is easy.

    You can handle it ..no problem easy swap.
  3. Oxygen sensor help

    I have another question. Will the o2 sensor be downstream or upstream. I called ford and they are charging like 113 bucks of upstream and 100 for downstream and on top of that they are going to charge about 100 for labor. So i rather do this job my self. And since i am going to get a new sensor will i also need a new socket or can i just use the one that is already there. Oh yeah inorder to access them will i have to go under my car. Our can i just do it from top.

  4. upstream do all the tuning, downstream monitor the cats for emissions. The code should help you figure out which one it is you need.
  5. If i am going to replace the sensor am i also going to have to replace the socket.
  6. you only replace the sensor. not sure what youre talking about when you say "replace the socket".

    the codes that were pulled will pinpoint which sensor needs replacing. and buy them from autozone or somewhere fr $60-$70, dont pay ford 100+ a piece.

    and you dont really need a special socket. ive played with 02 sensors countless times in the past few years and have always used an open end side of a combination wrench.

    good luck :nice: its an easy job. youll be fine.
  7. This is the socket I was referring to. As Zeter said you could use a combination wrech, but the socket will make in a litte easier becasue the rachet will give you more levage to break them loose, although a 2-3 year car they should not be too hard to get loose.

  8. Thanks for the help.

    I took the sensor out with just a regular wrench. As for replacing it. I just need to buy a new one and just put it back in. I dont need to do any calibrating do I?
  9. just take it to the dealership or Pep Boys buy the new one and pop it in.

    good to go.
  10. Make sure you get the right one in the right place. They are not interchangable.