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  1. My car had the following problems: surging, pinging around 2500-3000rpm's, hesitation, loss of HP. I knew my o2 sensors needed to be changed because I ran the codes on them (176, 172) if I remember correctly, lean in bank #1 & 2. I disconnected the negative battery (30min) cable in order to reset the computer and changed them out. It seems that I cured all my problems except the hesitation. I feel a lot of hesitation when I step on the accelarator. It is like the car is choking. And the Check Engine Light is still coming on. Do I need just allow more time for the computer to adjust to the new sensor or is there something else wrong? Any ideas?
  2. The car/codes/check engine light is yelling to you that its running lean. If you have an adjustable fuel regulator then turn it up 2-4psi, reset the computer and your done. If you don't have one then invest in one soon. Find a Kirban, Accufab or Aeromotive. Changing the O2's was a great idea but it won't cure your problem.
  3. Oh I see...well that cure the hesitation problem as well? I saw they the regulators cost between $100-150. Is that something a beginner can put in or would I need someone to do it?
  4. its simple to install. if the hesitation is from you running lean, upping the fuel pressure will cure it.
  5. Well just changing the O2 sensors seemed to cure everything else. The hesitation I think is not as bad, but still is a definite problem. I am not getting any other codes so I am not sure what else would cause the hesitation. Is there anywhere that has a good step by step process of installing a AFPR?
  6. It's as simple as finding the old one, and then screwing in the new one...get out the haynes if you need it...
  7. Take the gas cap off. I pull the fuel kill switch in the trunk. Start the car, run it until it stalls. Now all the fuel is out of the fuel lines. Take two bolts off the stock fuel pressure reg. Make sure the o-ring comes out with it. Bolt on your new one and that's it.
  8. Did you run the codes after you put the new o2 sensors in and saw the CEL light again? Make sure that you are getting the same codes.

    List your mods please!!!!!
  9. Thanks for the advice. I will give a try as soon as the funds are available. Yeah, I ran the codes afterwards because I was still get the CE light...and they are the same codes as before.
  10. All my mods (that I know of) include a CAI and flowmasters. And that is how I bought the car...2 years this past December.
  11. Is it that the stock fuel regulator is screwed up now? If I have one already why would getting an aftermarket one be any better?
  12. Where is a good place to buy new O2's at? I need to replace mine. Oh yeah, part numbers and prices would also be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. it could be messed up or for some reason your car could just need more fuel that its getting...an aftermarket adjustable regulator will allow you to dial in the correct fuel pressure for your car hope that helps....

  14. If I thing what is hesytation , then you need new spark plugs like my , I have same problem in my 94 Mustang and 92 Probe LX
  15. Well I changed my spark plugs about 3 months ago, but I did not change my O2's till a few days ago. Would it be that between that time I caused severe damage to the spark plug(s) where I need to change them again?
  16. How about spark plug wires and distributor rotor ?