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  1. Do manufacturers (more specifically, Ford) "leak" information to aftermarket companies so they can get a jumpstart on mods for the new platform? Or do AM companies have to wait for the new platform to be unveiled before they can get started cranking out mods for the new GT? Just a random thought.
  2. I forget where, could even have been here but I heard that Ford had already given companies such as Roush and Steeda copies of the new Mustang in order for them to get going on special models and parts. But who knows. :shrug:
  3. I mean more along the lines of companies that just make AM parts...not specialty vehicles.
  4. Ford has this technology partnership thing they started up a year or two ago with SEMA. It gives SEMA members a headstart on mods for new cars. I have no idea how far in advance they actually get their hands on the cars though.
  5. in the last edition of MM&FF, a spokesman for Ford confirmed that there will be aftermarket parts available for the 05 Mustang the day that it launches.:nice:
  6. Roush (the company, not the man) told me they only had sketches and no dimensions or specific engine information to work from. That was probably five weeks ago.
  7. Well you would figure that if they got advanced "notice" or test mules, then someone would leak pics or info onto the net....chances are a member here would WORK for one of those companies and could give confirmed info.
  8. Doesn't Roush do alot of powertrain development for Ford? I remember reading along time ago that they were testing the engines. They may have not seen the car, but I would think that they would have at least seen the engine.
  9. I think Roush knows/has a lot more than they are letting on. As Nick said, they do powertrain development for Ford. I'm pretty sure they have a prototype.
  10. They do a lot of engine development for Ford so they probably have the complete engine, intake, and exhaust systems.
  11. I would have to assume that the company signed some sort of agreement to not disclose any pics of the engine or car itself in order to get the "business". But SOMEONE on here has ot work for Roush.....and that someone should be posting pics like mad.
  12. You'll have to see moded cars the first year. Why, what about Saleen,Steeda,Roush? Nobodys going to buy their cars with just boltons. Thats why I think you'll see alot more than people think.:D
  13. and if Magnaflow builds Roush's and Saleens and parts of Steeda's exhaust systems....hmmmmm :D
  14. Steeda uses borla...

  15. What do you know?
  16. right now maybe, but give Steeda a call and ask for Gus, hell let you know whats up......Steeda used the Magnaflow X pipes, and they say that the Magnaflow makes more power.....
  17. [QUOTE='96&'01Stang]What do you know?[/QUOTE]

    I know that there is stuff I cant say, except that there are going to be a lot of happy people when the car is launched.

    It is beautiful.
  18. Ok but do they not use Borla mufflers?
    Cause if they are going to start using magnaflow, I'm out.

    Not that I have anything against it, and I do know they flow awsome (not that borla's are any slouch either) but I love the Borla sound, but have never been too keen on the intercooled 'phantom tips' on their catback systems.

    The Stinger mufflers are pretty slick and come with better tips, so i just may have to go with that.
  19. You can always do your own "custom" system....weld in some Borla's, or get a Borla cat-back. You don't HAVE to go with what Steeda, Roush and/or saleen put on their rides.

  20. Interesting...............