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  1. Anyone use OBX exhaust components. Saw some great reviews online about them but just looking for more feedback
  2. None for a Mustang, but I run a 3" turbo back setup on my daily driven Volvo with no issues. I can tell that its not very think tubing, but not sure if that will make any difference or not as far as longevity
  3. Yeah I mean its you get what you pay for type deal. I should probably spring for something better
  4. I would recomend that. With my car, there were two available...The OBX unit that was $350, or a swedish made setup that was $1100. $1100 for some exhaust tubing? Not for this guy
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  5. What brands would you recommend
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  7. +1 for the Magnaflows. They aren't super loud at idle, but they have amazing tone and open up pretty nicely.
  8. I have OBX long tube headers on my 08. Have been running them over a year with no issues. Actually found mine on ebay for $250. Came with 2 off-road h pipes as well. I would buy OBX again for sure.