Odometer Fraud, Title washing & forged signature, bill of sale forged notary and repair questions

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  1. Sorry about your troubles. I've lived in Vegas for 4 years and grew tired of the BS here 3 years ago.

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  2. I've just decided to get a legal title from the previous owner and sell the car with "not actual miles" listed. Someone else who has money and think it's worth it can buy it and fix it up. I don't have the money or the time for it. I'm also going to see if my attorney will take on this case and use the video footage from western union to catch this piece of :poo:. It works with red light cameras, so I don't see why it wont work with this.

    I'll be posting it in the For Sale thread with pictures, video, problems listed very soon. Thanks everyone for your advice, time, knowledge, ideas, etc... There's nothing more I can do.
  3. WOW! Here's a new flip to the story. I called ford dealer he went to and asked why the check engine light won't come on and asked if it did when he brought the car in. He said he can't recall but doesn't think so. Then he asked what the name was to look up the file, he looked it up and said "I know exactly what we did", the guy brought a new cluster in and we replaced it for him. So that means he didn't "roll back" the odometer.

    Which means he didn't know how to tamper with the digital miles, so instead he swapped it out with a cluster that had 84k miles on it. So really the car has 160k true miles. This is great news because now I know it's true mileage, nothing illegal is wrong with this car anymore and now I have proof that he swapped out the cluster! This guy is as good as dead!
  4. Another funny twist....

    I sold the car "as is" for $3,500. The guy fixed the rip in the top, put in new smoked headlights, fixed both driver and passenger seats and replaced spark plugs. Then he finds out there's no check engine light, threatens to sue me or I take the car back and he takes a loss. So I refunded his money back for $3,500 and now I have an even better car then I did before!!

    Now I have a chance to make my $5k back!
  5. This is how it looks now...

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  6. Did you tell this guy that you were pretty sure that the mileage wasn't right? If not....that kinda makes you as douchey as the guy who sold it to you, don't you think?
  7. I disclosed everything I knew to him
  8. ...fair enough. Then quite frankly, I would have gone and told him to pound sand. If you sold the car to him in "as is condition" with an accurate depiction of the mileage, then he wouldn't have had a leg to stand on. It doesn't matter what he threatened you with.
  9. I'm glad because he basically fixed it for free and now I have a car that is in better condition then before. Now I can sell it for more than $3,500 and make my initial $5k back that I began with.
  10. This is hilarious how this is unfolding for me. There's a silver lining after all! I just need to figure out how to get the check engine light to turn on when I start up the car, then I can smog it and register it. Then list it for sale. Any ideas? I replaced the bulb, checked the fuses, still no light?
  11. It's a beautiful looking car and deserves a good home. I hope it finds one.
  12. I just fixed the misfire issue! It was a bad coil pack $50 fix at autozone. SWEEEET! Now I need to figure out this check engine light not coming on issue. Ford thinks when that guy switched out the cluster, that it may be the wrong cluster for the car which is why the computer system can't read the check engine light, you agree?
  13. Pull the cluster and check the bulb.

    Do you plan on disclosing in the new for sale ad that the motor has an oil leak and that you had one quart in the pan when you arrived in LA? Was it disclosed in your last ad?
  14. I have a friend who's a mechanic and I'm fixing the oil pan leak before I sell it. I'm also going to smog and register it in CA. This car is in EXCELLENT condition and ready to go. Only issue now is the top going up, other than that it's a great car. I just don't want a white one, I prefer the bad ass triple black with less owners.
  15. I checked and replaced the bulb, even checked the fuses too. It's probably a cut wire or wrong cluster for the car, who knows... Do you think it was an oil pan leak, so I would need to get an oil pan gasket or do you think it's a read differential pinion seal leak?
  16. I dont get it. So why arent you just keeping the car then, didnt you originally want a mustang ? if all it needs is an oil pan gasket and a pinion seal ,didnt you expect that any mustang that you bought that was 12 years old would need at least that much money spent on it ? get a set of wiring diagrams and fix the CEL . Its not that big of a deal.
  17. OP should head to Walmart and get a GI JOE electric jeep. Zero miles.guaranteed. :D
  18. I don't want a white one. I only settled for this white one because I thought it had really low miles and one owner. I want a black one and I want hopefully fewer then 3 owners. I like to know it's history and that it was taken care of. Once I sell this one, I'll be looking for another one but not in white.
  19. I don't beat on my cars. I get them for the power, the look and the sound of the exhaust. I don't burnout, do donuts, etc... I take good care of my possessions and I'm a mature driver. Most V8 5spds on CL are beat up and not taken care of at all. It's very sad that mustangs have to take such abuse, they deserve better owners.
  20. I've decided to keep it and turn it into my own project. All the other cars on CL are pieces of sh*t. I'm going to transform it to look exactly like the Saleen. Paint it black and swap out the engine.

    Have it look like this...