Odometer Fraud, Title washing & forged signature, bill of sale forged notary and repair questions

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  1. Last and final update!

    Car works great, fixed the oil leak...it was just a few bolts loose. Fixed the convertible top, it just needed fluid. This car is a great car, just not for me. This was my first mustang, so I didn't know what to expect. I don't care for the older style mustangs and in my opinion, they lack a lot of power for stock. Compared to what I'm used to.

    I don't care for the convertible style either. So everything is good to go on this car, I'm having it smogged and registered in CA before I sell it. The only thing this car could use is a new K&N Air Filter and Brake Pads. That's it! I'm selling this car and buying another R1 motorcycle. Too much traffic in LA for this type of car and manual.
  2. Please save the sales info for an actual sales ad. This isn't the place to try to move your car. Please see our Classifieds Forums for proper location. Thanks. :)
  3. I wasn't trying to sell it on this thread. I was just giving an update of what I have fixed on the car since I first posted this ad.
  4. A few bolts loose causing an oil leak? I don't know much about modular motors but that sounds weird to me.. Usually it's a gasket at the very least

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  5. Ha wow! This is a trip, just when you thought it couldn't get any worse from this class act guy.... He had bought this cluster from LKQ (used car parts place) and swapped out the odometer.

    The he had jammed two pieces of paper into the bulb socket behind the bulb, so the light wouldn't show through. Look at these photos.... Wow!

    Service engine soon light comes on and shuts off no problem now. I think I've fixed and investigated everything on this case now lol. I've decided to keep the car now that everything is fixed and she's running good. It's in immaculate condition both in and out.

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  6. kep the car sell the car, keep the car sell the car, keep the car sell the car, I dont like verts,
  7. This is very true, I've been back and forth. I realized that after I throw on an O/R X Pipe and get a short throw shifter, I'll be happy with this car. It's in amazing condition for an 11yr old car.
  8. I'm used to my R1 which I rhode last. I'm gonna give myself some time to get used to a car again. I'm gonna give this stang a chance and once I get the speedster cover, I'll like the convertible
  9. Your right man, I'm making myself sound like a crazy person going back and forth. Mods please close this thread. Thank You
  10. Are you kidding. Myself and the other Mods are taking bets as to how long it will be before you change your mind again. Can't stop now. :D
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  11. Lol, what's your bet? I'll help you win ha
  12. Keep the car. It wasn't a bad price and you can still get the R1. Plus you can't take a date on a motorcycle.
  13. Yea, it is a nice car. I don't buy my vehicles for women, I buy them for myself and I'm not looking to date either. Thanks for the tip though
  14. Newest pics of the vert. I need to buy the light bar and speedster cover.

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  15. It is beautiful. drive it in good health my man.
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  16. Thank you. I'm about to replace the serpentine belt, water pump and brakes.
  17. Have you heard about and seen the crazy women in this world? Especially LA, NO THANK YOU. I'm good with my normal sane self and a husky dog.
  18. my car is sonic blue, and I really love the color but white is so forgiving in terms of swirls and parking lot dings, and to a lesser extent so is silver. This sonic IMO shows everything, especially in direct sunlight.
  19. I'm wanting to pain it black down the road. White seems too fem for me...
  20. Let's see a pic of your car. I love that color because it's rare and unique but everything I own is black because that's my color.