odometer in and out?

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  1. I keep forgetting to ask this. My odometer (mileage counter) goes in and out periodicly. no rhyme or reason, just showing one day and blank the next. when it is on I can use the button to switch from total miles to trip and back just fine. it just decides on its own when to show me how many miles I have. and it still keeps track when its off as well.

    any ideas? is this common?
  2. same here with 120k on the clock. counts just fine, but randomly turns off and on.
    if i give it a gentle tap sometimes thatll fix it
  3. bump. Picked up a a 99 gt and the odometer says nothing.
  4. Cluster ground G204 (located near center console) is shared by multiple devices including the GEM, cruise control, Cluster, AC blower motor, and the RADIO. The ground is frequently messed up during a radio install.

    Start by pulling the cluster. Clean the electrical harness connector with electrical contact cleaner. Lightly re-grease with silcone di-electric grease (same kind as used on spark plugs).

    Measure the key off resistance between the cluster Black wire (pin #20) and battery negative. Post. Repeat with the BK/WH wire (pin#1) and battery negative. Post. If the resistance is high (above 5 Ohm), there is a poor ground path that needs to be addressed.

    Test for key on +12 volts between the following cluster pins and the cluster BK wire. Be careful during testing to not short out any pins.

    Color pin# fuse
    RD/WH #10 F2.21
    PK/BK #11 F2.5
    WH/LB #12 F2.34
    LB/RD #04 F2.37
  5. I had this happen on a crown vic at work. You can use a flashlight to see the numbers. No clue how to fix it though.
  6. Has anyone found a fix for this. Mine is doing the same thing. It seems like the odometer is working fine, the display just randomly won't light up.

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  7. This is a 3 year old thread... but besides that... have you tried the steps listed by wmburns yet?

  8. No, I have not tried them yet. Just thought I'd see if anyone else resolved this issue till I got the chance to check it out for myself.

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  9. Or you can just bring over the resource and apply credit to the originator:

  10. Ive researched this, the solder was weak in these year fords, so sometimes it loses power to the back light, not a big deal just needs to be pulled apart and re soldered happens in f150s and other fords as well