Odometer Mileage Problem

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Corso, May 25, 2014.

  1. hi everyone im new here, my names Corso im from CT, but anyways lol on my 96 gt the odometer miles and miles driven have stopped moving, now i know how to replace the little gears if needed but i heard theres something by the transmission that could be bad ... would anyone have a diagram or picture of that? thank you very much, hope everyones memorial day weekends went well.
  2. If trying to figure out if the problem is in the cluster or the transmission tail shaft VSS sensor let me see if I can help. The transmission VSS sensor output goes to both the cluster and PCM. So if the car's speed is correct in the PCM, then the VSS sensor has to be working.


    Does the speedometer work? The cluster uses the VSS sensor to compute the car's speed as well. So the VSS sensor has to be working.

    Therefore if the speedometer works and the odometer does not work, then the problem must be in the odometer gears.

    FYYI, the broken odometer gears in 98 and older Fords is a common problem.
  3. i took apart odometer and found that the two little gears were broken but i still dont know where the other one is located under car to see if they are both messed up but thanks
  4. You didn't answer the question about the speedometer. Does it work? If the speedometer is working, THEN the VSS sensor has to be working.

    But..... if still wanting to know where the VSS sensor is located, look on the transmission tail shaft.