Engine Oem Crankshaft & Camshaft Specs Or Suggestions?

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  1. I have been searching for a while on a stock replacement Crank and Camshaft. My motor was ripped apart and pretty much everything needs to be replaced except for the block. I know how most of you feel that rebuilding a stock motor is a huge waste of money but I am on a tight budget. I don't have the money for a stroker kit which would be best since I do have to replace the crank and cam.

    I have found this information on the cam and crankshaft but I can't find a replacement for the specifications.



    This crankshaft from summit is close to the specs listed in the links but I am unsure if I need a 50 oz or 28 oz imbalance. http://www.summitracing.com/parts/esp-103023000-50/overview/make/ford

    Now, for the camshaft, I cannot find one with similar specs listed in the links. I do not know what duration I need at a 050 lift or advertised lift. If there are no good stock replacements, what would be a decent upgrade using stock heads and intake?

    I am trying to stay under $800 in parts including rebuild kit, camshaft, and crank. If anyone has helpful information on what I should get or do please let me know. The block will head to the machine shop on Tuesday and should take a few days. Hopefully there aren't any cracks hidden by all the gunk.

  2. Why do you need a new crank? Can the old one not be turned? I would shop the classified over at the corral for a used cam.

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  3. The crank had a lot of play while it was still in the engine. I did ask of it could be machined and he said the last one he did was about $200. I figured for that price I could just get a new one. I did find an Elign cam on AmericanMuscle for $100 that says it's a mild upgrade over the stocker. I'll check out corral, thanks!
  4. At $200, that's a little exspensive. The last quote I got for turning a crank was $100. Good luck with your rebuild, let us know how it turns out.

  5. I still think you should continue to save for a stroker rotating assembly....especially if you're going through the trouble of adding a crankshaft.

    You can buy them now for as low as $850...and that included rods and forged pistons, rings, bearings, etc.

    Otherwise....perhaps a Fox Mustang isn't the car for you? If being indecisive over a few hundred dollars has you worried, this thing will bleed you dry before you're done.
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  6. What Gearbanger is referring to is the reason I built a 331 over a 306. It was only a few hundred dollars more.

  7. Can they be used with stock heads for now?
  8. What....stock heads with a stroker rotating assembly? Sure, no problem.
  9. If I can't use stock heads temporarily then a few hundred bucks more turns out to be another grand. With the money I dumped into restoring the interior I could have built a 331 stroker with GT40 heads.

    I appreciate your guy's help, I took your suggestion on finding a "lightly" used cam on corral. He's sending me pictures of the lobes soon and only wants money to ship it. I didn't seem to find a crankshaft yet but I'll double check to make sure I can't use my current one.

    The main purpose of this was to rebuild the bottom end and to learn how to work on an engine. I believe, but I could be wrong, that a stock crankshaft would be fine for an HCI. With the bottom end rebuilt and healthy, if I wanted to get more HP I could do an HCI in the future and know the bottom end should handle it.

    I like my Fox even though it's taking a lot of money. I may not be following the conventional way of doing everything at once. It's a daily driver that seemed pretty fast to me and the engine was getting very rough. So I thought it was a good time to get it rebuilt :shrug:
  10. you can always check car-parts.com for any 'local' stock part you need... check it out...

    i think very few folks do a complete tear down dream rebuild on a fox at 18 unless your last name is hurst, penske or ....

    what you are doing is spot on for your age... spend a little, learn allot....

    folks are giving options based on experience and a 331 bottom would be cool if it didnt bust you... which again at 18 is totally understandable...

    gotta start somewhere and your fox thanks you!
  11. As stated above....yes, you can use the stock heads with the stroker assembly....but consider. If you do plan on swapping out to a set of GT40's, you're probably best to do it now, than later. GT40's can be had dirt cheap. So too can an Explorer intake....add a couple of hundred dollars to the heads for valve job and a good set of springs and you're good to go.

    On the other hand....if you bolt the stock heads to the block, no matter what rotating assembly into it, only to a short time later remove them for better heads, you've essentially wasted $100-$150 in gaskets, sealant, supplies and most importantly....your time.

    IMO, if you're going to go through the trouble of tearing the engine down....then just do it once! If money is that tight that you can't afford to do it in one fail swoop, then you should probably reconsider your strategy and wait until you can.

    You say you appreciate the help, then appreciate the trials and tribulations that many of us have already undergone and heed our warnings when we attempt to talk you out of it.