Paint and Body Oem Quality Aftermarket Headlights For 99-04


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Apr 8, 2016
I'm currently on the hunt for my 3rd pair of aftermarket headlights.

Looking for any recommendations.

Definitely a fan of the HID Halo Projectors.

First pair was stock smoked.

Then got a pair of smoked halo projectors.

I liked how they looked, but wasn't happy with the fit.

Instead of moulded weather stripping, they just had a generic strip of rubber, which did not line up with the car properly, left a gap under the front tip of the fender, and fell off all the time.

That along with the fact that I couldn't really see at night sent me back on my quest.

Ended up getting nearly identical lights, but this time, I got clear lenses with black housing, and HID's.
(Same look, but better for visibility)

Those were better, but the height was not adjustable for the low beems, and the driver side was a bit too low.

That along with the exact same crappy weatherstripping.

I got tired of trying to glue it back on, so I've just had no weather stripping for the last few years.

Now one of my ballasts is burned out, so I figured now would be a good time to start looking again.

I still like the same style.
Black housing
Clear lenses
CCFL halos

Not a fan of the lights floating around with the halo projectors, AND the 3 decorative led's, but thoes happen to be the only ones out there that are actual orm quality, I'm not entirely against them.

Has anyone ever bought or seen a proper pair of HID projectors?

Adjustable height low beems?
Proper weather stripping?

Actually moulded to shape, and forms sort of a V-shape to wrap the front corner of the fender, so there aren't any gaps?

Do any aftermarket headlights exist without the crappy weatherstrips?

Or I'll buy them from you, if you think you can make what I want.

I'm not looking to save money.

I just want it to look good/professional.

I'd gladly buy the most expensive lights on the market right now, if they weren't identical to the cheapest ones.
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Oct 12, 2016
I bought some from headlight depot black housing headlights that fit great and last through the Washington rain. That is of course if you like the factory style.