1. Hope I'm posting in the correct forum. Can someone tell/show me which spoiler came factory on the fox body year model mustangs? I am trying to get around a "no home made spoiler, but stock spoiler ok" rule at my local dirt track. Any info would be appreciated!
  2. lx hatch one, gt open hole one and cobra/saleen were production.
  3. mustang.jpg mustang-b.jpg mustang-c.jpg So all of there should be considered "Stock OEM" correct?

    mustang.jpg mustang-b.jpg mustang-c.jpg
  4. if its a dirt track car do you even need a spoiler? In all honesty unless you are running 150+ you wont see a benefit from any factory spoiler.
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  5. Where's the gt open hole and cobra spoiler??? ... both not pictured. You must like the saleen.
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  6. the saleen wing is heavy. skip it. The gt wing is almost as heavy. If I was to add a spoiler where none existed it would be the LX spoiler.
  7. Thanks for the replys, and no, it will not give any performance advantage on a short track. It's really just to mess with the competitions mind. And I do not know much about the stock oem body options. Hints why I asked the question on this forum. I just posted the first few pics that came up on google, that I was unsure of being "oem." So this is the Cobra spoiler correct?

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  8. Also, a spoiler helps more than you think, especially when on a 1/2-5/8 mile track with long sweeping corners. Most cars use a home made alluinum straight spoiler with side panels to catch more air. Usually, if hte rules allow for one, 9 out of 10 cars will have one on. Especially in the Late Model divisions, where the body rule book is almost as long as the engine rules. Spoilers to help, but not so much in my case.
  9. yup thats a cobra, the gt has a big o'hole, ....that's what She said anyways :rlaugh:
  10. still sticking to my guns, the money you would spend on a cobra spoiler considering you could take a hit to the rear and ruin the whole piece is best spent elsewhere. brakes, suspension, tires, etc...
  11. get one of these, that'll mess with their heads

  12. I'd toss a Saleen spoiler on it.

    Little more weight, set further back will put a bit more force on the rear tires. Not much, but I guess every bit helps.

    IIRC, Saleen did do some testing on that wing showing added benefits at lower speeds.

    Personally I hate mine....and will do a happy dance when I get my LX spoiler painted and find a new hatch.
  13. I don't want the spoiler as much as I want some of those sponsors...
  14. Thanks for the help folks!