off or on road x pipe?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by atvcrazy, Aug 7, 2004.

  1. I am about to order a bassani of road pipe and i guess some pep mil eliminators. Is this a better way to go than with cats? I mainly just want to save a few bucks. I have flowmasters and ive heard some people say it wont go good with the x pipe, others say they have this set up and it sounds awesome, Ide like to here what yall think. I have a 99 cobra.
  2. hey i too have a 99 cobra, i went with bassani x pipe with cats and 2 chamber flows. This is the absolute best sounding cobra you can have...PERIOD. I dont care what anyone says, the flows give it a nice smooth, slow chuging at idle, and at wide open throttle it is nothing less than ear orgasim. also many people do not realize that you can actually lose horespower with no cats, because your car needs a certain amount of back pressure to produce power down low :nice:
  3. i have the bassani x-pipe with high flow cats. think about it this way. the x-pipe comes in pieces. the cats can be removed if you want and put back on. they are slip fit. i plan to put a piece of stainless pipe in place of the cats to see what it sounds like and see if there is any more power. if i don't like it or it hurts my power, then i will just put the cats back on. if you get the o/r pipe then you can't put the cats on. just a thought. the extra pipe will only cost about 30 bucks. by the way, you won't be disappointed in the x-pipe. i love mine. it was well worth the money.
  4. im lookin forward to the x-pipe. I just hope theres not to much of that raspy sound ive heard about.
  5. I thought the bassani catted x pipe came with the straight pipe too in case you wanted to take the cats off?
  6. The new versions do...pretty sweet setup if you ask me...
  7. i bought mine a just under a year ago. they must not have had that yet. i called them and they said that they don't have anything like that for sale but they could send me the pipe and some clamps but wouldn't guarenty that they would fit.
  8. I'd really like to know the facts on this cause it is going to affect my decision on whether or not to buy one of their catted x-pipes. That feature is a must for me :p .
  9. if you go to their web site there is a phone # for their costumer service. they will be able to tell you exactly what is going on. that would be the best way to find out. it only took me about 10 mins. to get ahold of someone.
  10. The x-pipes with cats that are made today flow so good it's almost like having an off-road x. Go with the catted x and you'll be legal and help out the ozone layer at the same time. JK. :nice:
  11. no reason......go offroad hpipe, sound do X but i like the sound of an orh better. good luck
  12. I have the catted X and it came with pipes too, so you can do an easy switch. I like the option of going both ways. :nice: