Off-Road X or H on a V6?

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  1. Just how loud would one be (I prefer an X-pipe over an H-pipe)? Would it sound good, or terrible? I'm looking for throaty and loud when I swap my exhaust system, but don't want to sound loud just for the sake of loud (like a lot of the exhaust systems you see/here on Caprice Classics these days)...
  2. H = throaty tone
    X = raspy tone

    These are tendencies and can vary based on application and the header and muffler setup used along with them.
  3. :stupid: .. for throaty you want an H pipe. V6's with X pipes sound like beefed up rice burners IMHO.
  4. I have a 2002 V6...I have a OffRoad Xpipe with 03 GT Cat-back and I'll be the 1st to say it sounds better then a H pipe and is louder not to mention better horespower but until around 3500+ RPMS then it sounds ricey...I have heard the same setup with Flowmasters instead and its really Great all around pass 3000 but I heard the GT mustang with the X pipe and it gets raspy as well probably from the power flow being pushed better then the H pipe but everyone has completmented my exhaust but it like I said if you rev it or drive past 3500 u hear until you get flows itll sound good def. noticeable in feel and sound but flows will make more HP and better sound as well Super 40's to be exact.
  5. I say if you want an offroad pipe, go with longtubes because they help make it much less raspy, but LT's hang quite low and can scrape easily. off-road x-pipes on the shorties and almost any muffler just starts to sound very raspy and ricey in my opinion. In the end, it comes down to how do you define raspy and how much can you stand.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I'm in the process of building up my V6, and wanting to make it sound as good as possible, as well as have it running in the upper 300HP range - which is what led me to wonder about using an off-road. I was always told that X-pipes are more efficient and flow better, thus providing more HP. I just saw a thread where someone claimed that the H produces more than the X, then someone else disputed that claim. The only thing anyone seems to agree on, is that the H is throatier in sound.
  7. x pipe is better

    I mean think about it why would a GT or something come with a H pipe already then make aftermarket Xpipes for them ??? because they are for some odd reason I think a lot of people claim its rice because thats what everyone else says but more then 75% i can be sure have no clue at I said after high high rpms it can sound that way...I had my brother drive by me doing 60 at 3000RPM and it sounded I dont like those stupid 4 inch muffler tips so im not a fan of that at all...anyone who thinks advance auto is there key to success when hooking up a car is a fool walmart should get the offroad x pipe but be sure to get flows soon after...youe can the x pipe for 140 on after tax and shipping like I did which is a buy big time...and also theres a lot of kids at my college that have a hpipe setup with aftermarket mufflers on there v6 and not one has a better sound then my o/r x pipe with GT take off catback and im not saying that because its my car either...i no its hard to believe just anyone but you will get more horsepower you'll like the way it sounds until high reving rpms cause then it sounds rice but how often are your driving 4,000 or 4,500 rpms constantly or steady ? if I could send u a sound clip you would be sold but I dont have or cant make ne
  8. I have 2.25" piped, straight back pipes (no H or X) with 3" tips, it sounds awesome all around. And for GTs, the increase in horsepower is because at higher RPMs, the mid section of the H-pipe becomes ineffective and when the 2 cylinders on a single side fire back to back, you gain some back pressure and loose some of the scavenger effect (the changes in pressures pulls the exhaust out). With the X, it combines at a point to even out pressures, decrease backpressure and gain scavenger effect. With the 90 degree V6, no 2 cylinders on the same side fire back to back, so there is no need to balance the pressure out.

    Plus the main part of the raspiness is just because the cats are gone, if you add even hi-flo cats, it'll make it sound better. Hi-flows on any mid pipes of choice with some good mufflers sounds good.
  9. on a v6 you really want to keep your cats unless you either A. go with LTs or B. have atleast a cam.On a v6 w/ just bolt ons and an o/r midpipe it'll get ricey above 3000rpms. Keeping your cats will eliminate the majority of that
  10. Thank you all for the replies! While I'm showing off my automotive newbness here, may I ask a few more questions?

    *What is the difference between a normal pipe (X or H), and an off-road pipe?

    *I know off-road pipes aren't 'street-legal' (whatever that means anymore)...a friend warned me not to go with an off-road pipe, as another friend of hers was ticketed for having one on a Firebird. However, down here in the South, these country boys have them on their already-loud trucks, as well as the ghetto boys driving around old Caprice Classics.....think my friend is just over-worried?

    *With long-tube headers and an off-road X-pipe, would I also need to purchase a cat-back kit, or go with a custom job from a shop?

    *Or (as I've seen suggested on another forum), could I get the O-R X-pipe, and pipe it straight back from there with no mufflers? (the author claimed that this is legal, though I'm not sure myself - author also claimed to work at a muffler shop)
  11. Off road just means it doesn't have the catalytic converters, which is why they are illegal in alot of places. If you got long tube headers and the O/R x-pipe, you would have to get any catback system that fits GTs, could be taken from a GT, flowmaster system for a GT, or if you want you could get a shop to custom fab some up for you. With all that, it'll sounds mean and quite loud.

    But if you just get the offroad X pipe and stick with the stock headers, it will sound raspy, usually can be fixed by welding in some cat converters, hi-flo cats work good, not as much loss and still helps the tone.
  12. If you go with an H pipe or an X pipe you will need a catback regardless. If you go LTs you will need a midpipe that is made for long tube headers (the midpipe will be shorter then that made for stock/shorty headers.)Most likely a shop will NOT install an off road pipe due to the fact that its illegal to remove perfectly working cats.Also depending on where you live the o/r pipe may be illegal or might not be, you'll have to check the laws.
  13. yeah check to make sure about emissions in your state...a offroad H pipe and Xpipe will both sound raspy for those who dont have one or just listen to what other people hear let the ones who do have it speak on not get a straight pipe with no mufflers and a O/R Xpipe make sure u get a nice catback weather or not u want stock shorty headers or a custom pipe to fit long ones itll sound raspy still...its a sacrafice u must give when gaining that extra HP but still at least if the H pipe is also raspy you would get more HP with a X...but be sure to get some good mufflers a GT catback is good but better mufflers cant hurt because you can feel some restriction on them
  14. <b>I'm told that long (especially straight ones, as opposed to bendy ones) headers flow better than shorty headers - can I use the X-pipe with long headers, or will I have to use shorty headers?

    And how can I determine what headers go with which X-pipe, and which cat-back, etc?</b>
  15. On my 95 V6 I had A H pipe from a 5.0 installed with gutted cats and dual flo-pro mufflers dumped. It sounded like a V8 at idle-2800 rpm's then after that it was ovious it was a 6 banger.
  16. My LongTubes, H pipe, and Magnaflows

    i have MAC longtube headers with MAC offroad H pipe and a Magnaflow cat back. its a mix between raspy and throaty, just right. face it, its a v6, its not gonna sound like a 289. longtubes came very close to the K member, doesnt hit at all but close. i had to take a ball peen hammer and beat in the floorpan some in order to fit the midpipe with the headers. and just yesterday i started to hear the mid pipe vibrate on the floorpan, so keep this in mind. i dont like flowmasters because the sound seems to cut out around 3000, but i love my Magnaflows. i would post a sound clip but they arent clear.

  17. I thought the 3.8 was a 232
  18. 3.8 is a 232, the 4.6 of today is a 281, the 5.0 is 302 and the old 4.7L, 289's of the classic years I believe is what he is refering to.
  19. <b>Can I use the X-pipe with long headers, or will I have to use shorty headers? And how can I determine what headers go with which X-pipe, and which cat-back, etc?

    I greatly appreciate all of your responses; this place continues to prove itself as an invaluable resource for Mustang owners.</b>