Off She Goes! Project Greenformoney

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  1. This may be the color I will go with. I want something that is almost black at night but is a nice shade of green in the light. What do you think?! photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG photo 3.JPG photo 4.JPG photo 5.JPG shogreen.png shogreen2.jpg
  2. Where in VA are you located?
  3. cant wait to see it done.
  4. Im located in Woodbridge
  5. Nice project!! Going to look sweet. What size tires are you running on the front?
  6. That's basically the same green I've got on my 'Stang! With black primer underneath, it looks black at night unless it's parked under a street light, which makes it look blue. In the daytime it's a deep forest metallic green. The factory primer was gray, which makes the green lighter (and not as good looking IMO).

    Here are a couple pics of what to expect if you use what I did (Ford paint code NA).

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  7. 255 in the front 275 in the back, no rubs
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  8. Icould not see the pics.... forward them to me if you can
  9. Any progress on the paint and or body work?
  10. I went by there Saturday to drop off some LMR seal kit for all the doors and such but they had all the doors off/ trunk but sadly I did not get any pics. Trust me, it will look good!!!! He showed me one of his personal cars he just finished painting and oh man! Paint was deeper than Madonna's vag hole!!! I can't wait!!!
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  11. good deal.
  12. *Update*

    Went to take a look at the ol' gal today and everything is going along smooth! It should have some paint on it this week after they finish rolling the rear fenders.

    bodywurk1.jpg bodywurk2.jpg bodywurk3.jpg
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  13. The most worsome part is getting all door trim, seals, and various clips here and there. It's all stacked up in my garage awaiting to be put on!
  14. Glad to see it's coming along.
  15. I must be living under a Stangnet rock, what happened to your car?
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  17. sucks the blue was nice though also.