Off She Goes! Project Greenformoney

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  1. At least yours is repairable. My car is toast and now I'm left with a lot of parts.:dammit:
  2. Bu
  3. What color green did you decide on? I've been debating whether to stick with Reef Blue or go for Highland or Emerald Green
  4. stick with Reef blue it's such a unique color imo
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  5. I chose 2013-14 gem green
  6. Nice! That will look sweet!
  7. I love that color obviously because I bought that exact truck two toned lol. Have you seen it at night when people first seen my truck they ask is that truck black?
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  8. That's exactly what I want! Something that can pass for the factory emerald green with a twist!!!
  9. Checked on the car this weekend and was getting taped and primed on Saturday. Brought my "bodyguards" with me, sonny boy and long time friend/military bud to check the progress. It should have paint next week. So excited!!!
    paintbooth1.jpg paintbooth2.jpg paintbooth3.jpg paintbooth4.jpg
  10. Looks good! Can't wait to see in with color on it.
  11. Lots and lots and lots of sanding, priming, sanding, priming and more sanding. Then paint. Then more (wet) sanding, wet sanding, wet sanding. Reassemble car panels without eff'ing them up, then polishing, more polishing, buff, buff and wax.

    Ever wonder why it costs so much for good paint jobs? Incredibly labor intensive. Good prep & lots of patience is key.
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  12. Is that Kimbo Slice with you lol
  13. Went to take a look at the ol gal today. First I would like to say, this is a LOT of work and something that would take me possibly two years to do if I were to attempt this. My hat goes off to you guy(@madmike1157) comes to mind! She is all in primer and all jams/joints have been painted. They are finishing body panel alignment and final sanding now. Paint should be on the car Wednesday, YAY!!! I will go back Saturday to "help" or more like get in the way to wet sand and polish. But here is more Green For Money! The last pic is what is taking up my garage space. They gotta go and are for sale!
    primer3.jpg primer2.jpg primer1.jpg Kawasakis.jpg
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  14. In the meantime, I've been cleaning all interior panels that I have as well as doing some repair of the quarter windows. I have a Saleen wing and Gt wing if anyone local wants to pick it up.
  15. WHAT!? You're selling the bikes? Do yourself a favor and and keep at least one of them; we both know that no car can touch the awesomeness of a decently set up moto!
  16. Yep, gotta go. I'll hate myself now but the kids will love me more now! Plus I'm tired of being "that guy" every one shakes their head at on the highway! I've been riding them since I was 19, now I'm 31 and frankly, I'm kind of tired of them and I don't have that lust I once had for them. Maybe I'm getting older....... or smarter! Oh well!
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  17. Bah! I plan to keep my Ducati (or one like it) until I have to explain to my 16-year-old why I'm allowed to have a sport bike and he isn't.:p
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  18. I'll keep a dirt bike around to play with Kawasaki of course so we'll see here in the future.
  19. Thank you for the props, It is alot of work,...something that I'm not looking forward to but will do just the same. I was considering that color myself, I know you'll be happy when its' all done.
    Good looking little helpers you got there too BTW,...enjoy them while you can,...... soon enough the only thing they'll help you do is spend your money.
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  20. Not only do i LOVE the green but something about the 03 cobras i have been tossing around for my car for myself machined
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