Off She Goes! Project Greenformoney

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  1. Nothing like reef in good shape. I miss my old reef car because of how great the color looked. Sorry for the hi jack

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  2. Clear lights make it Pop!!
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  3. Looking good! Glad to see you're selling those death trap bikes lol! That color in the jambs looks amazing and I can't wait to see it on the whole car. I'm anxiously waiting for some final results!!!
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  4. ^^^x2! Looking good! Can't wait to see the finished product.
  5. Did I miss an update? I love a green fox.
  6. No update...... been working a lot trying to clean up for the winter. I will be going up there this weekend to see the finished product. @outlawjay
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  7. Still has to be cut and buffed but here she is!
    newpaint1.jpg newpaint2.jpg newpaint3.jpg newpaint4.jpg
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  8. newpaint9.jpg newpaint10.jpg newwheels.jpg newwheels2.jpg

    I picked up the wheels from late model restoration 17x9 up front and 17x10.5 in the back. I hope they will fit!
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  9. Paint is spot on! shogreen.png shogreen2.jpg
  10. cool looks great:nice:
  11. AWESOME!!! I love that color and can't wait to see it finished
  12. Looking mighty good... I always like green.. I like that green especially...
  13. Looks just like my truck looks great man!
  14. Two door conversion with a modified H.O. twin turbo V6. Had to do some custom clearancing for the 20" wheels and l.e.d. strip lights in the front. Yep, first and last of this kit!!! @84Ttop
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  15. broughthome8.jpg broughthome1.jpg broughthome2.jpg broughthome3.jpg I picked up the car Saturday morning and I've been fiddling since then. Here are some pics from Saturday and today.
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  16. enginebay.jpg enginebay2.jpg enginebay3.jpg enginebay4.jpg enginebay5.jpg enginedone.jpg enginedone2.jpg enginedone3.jpg Motorincar1.jpg mustangass.jpg Figured I'd update my thread. Between working long hours, kids (and twins on the way), house, and life, things can get hectic. But I have a few things I am doing at my leisure and when time permits. I've rebuilt the engine with low compression pistons and rings for boost, repainted my engine bay, wire tuck(mini), and I am currently redoing my H.I.D. projector retrofit. Here are some pics along the way.
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