Off Site Adverting Trip Avg Antivirus Warning

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  1. Noobz347
    Some of the offsite advertisers ads trip the warning from AVG Free antivirus ( AVG is normally pretty good about not setting off false alarms, so I would tend to discount that as a problem. Most of the ads display normally, but one or two don't display at all, just an IE message that the page cannot be displayed.

    Java has some bugs and security loopholes that are pathways to virus/maleware infections and Java is used in almost every web application. Not all web server operators are careful about keeping patches and antivirus software properly updated, so some things sneak past and cause infections. I definitely believe that the offsite advertiser is the source of the problem.

    the message I got was:

    It occurs every time I hit a new page or refresh a current page.

    Joe R.

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  2. I went in to see exactly what was all about.

    Currently at least, it's a internet placebo. I did my usual rigamarole DNS and Host check before going to the whistle blower's own app. Take a look when you have the chance:

    If that site is a problem then even AVG is not currently aware of it. My guess is that there may a glitch in the definition file that's causing the alert.

    If you see something else that indicates there's a problem, let me know. I can't find any issues with that particular DNS and Host but that doesn't mean that combination doesn't exist. If there's a bug it could very well be in what took you there vs. being the target itself.

    Let me know if you get an alert from a second source.
  3. Whatever you did, the problem no longer pops up. Thank you for your prompt attention.

    Joe R.