Off to Japan for a week

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  1. Hey All!

    New Job is sending me to the land of Hondas on Sunday (5/20) and I will return that Friday night. So, I will not be able to defend myself here as far as I Know, unless I get some time & access.

    Anybody need anything?:p

    STD & BBFCM - Keep an eye on the place. Andy, no Popping the question until I return!

    Deanna, one crunch is enough, drive slow!

  2. Very cool.

    Now I know you have written and still do perhaps write for some magazines, but what is the day job?

    By the land of Hondas, are you going there for a Honda trip, or just helping the less educated folk know where JAPAN is?

    And if you could pick me up some of those JDM Engines, we could make a small fortune selling them to college kids down here. That and maybe a few cool new gadgets that they have over there.

    Good luck and have a safe trip. I hope the winds bring me over there one day.
  3. By Day I am an Optical Engineer for a company that makes Xenon lamps for cinema, digital cinema, Solar Simulators, and other specialized lighting projects. By night, magazine author for many magazines, my lates is KIT CAR Magazine.

    I'll see how many of those engines I can stuff into my suitcase!

    Like I should be surprised! Obviously it runs in the family!:nonono:
  5. I just dropped dad off at the local airport about two hours ago so he's on his way on a 12 hour flight to Nihon (Japan). *D takes Japanese in school* :D

    It was a minor, 5MPH crunch... I hit a friend of mine, but we were both at fault. No major damage and dad fixed both of the cars up easily.
  6. Okay, "Lemme 'splain somethin' to joo." (StDr took Advanced Idiomatic Spanglish For Rednecks in high school) Just because your friend was going 78 MPH and you were going 83MPH; that doesn't make it a "minor 5MPH crunch".

    Sorry, couldn't resist. I just had a conversation with Jessie (daughter that's your age) wherein I explained my growling at her about Mrs StDr's Quad Cab RAM. My final statement on the subject was: "In the last 4 months, you've been driving your mother's Dodge about 3 times as much as she has. I've driven three times including today. Now the back tires are nearly bald. Call me crazy, but......." :shrug:

    Oh, and your Dad claims he fixed up Cobrask8 after Trun 9 easily, as well; so.........
  7. I think the Reiter's need a roll of bubble wrap!
  8. Greetings from Japan!

    Small Cars, clean streets (but they drive on the wrong side), and a wierd language! Attempting getting used to it, but too much saki tonight after dinner.:p

    Yes, D and her friend had a slight one, I got them both fixed, and sternly warned them both about future "meetings"!

    I'll keep everyone posted on my antics here!
  9. Just great! 52 years of peace, trade and friendship and chepsk8 is gonna blow it outta the Pacific in one week!:doh::nonono:
  10. Less than one week if he sticks with the saki! :puke: :p

    Hey Dan, just remember that it's "the WWW Generation"; so, "What happens in Tokyo doesn't necessarily stay in Tokyo!"

    Unless of course, you took a page from BDT's playbook and started dating a girl (Miss Lisa - cutie, too!) that isn't interested in computers or the Internet..........
  11. Hmmmmmmmmm....we drop the bomb on Japan and for decades we got Godzilla movies in return. Now we've dropped THE Chepsk8 on them..................:eek:

    now where the heck in My Closet did I hide that bomb shelter door.....:spot:
  12. Drain the Jacuzzi and push it to the side. I put it there so we wouldn't be tripping over the hinges on Party Night.
  13. Did you remember to restock it after the last Avatar Girl Party?:scratch:
  14. The food, yes (not the we used much of it). The booze? Well; it's almost restocked....
  15. Are you kidding? You could keep "re"-stocking the booze all you want, there'll never be enough!:nonono:
  16. With a German and an Irishman around; IS there such a thing as "enough"? :shrug:
  17. Let me answer your question. NO but it never hurts to try.
  18. TOO much is just enough!:D
    HAH! Whippersnapper obviously never went drinking with us!:lol:

    In the words of Dr. Smith, "Oh the pain!"
  19. Yeah, it was just a small hit... People I didn't even know knew about it are asking me about it... I'd need to make a diagram in paint to explain it.


    *coughDanielFRANKReitercough* :D
  20. Frank????

    Not "Francis"???????? :p