Off to Japan for a week

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  1. Reitercough?:scratch:

    That sounds nasty!:nonono:
  2. That's just because you keep drinking that nasty, fruity, "Singapore Sling"-type stuff :puke:

    Remember, I'm Irish; when it comes to serious drinking; we Irish are professionals! Someday, I'd like to teach you the wonders of a good single-malt like Glenlivet, or good blends like Canadian Club. Maybe a little "Jack & Water". You ever see me wake up with a hangover???? I think not!

    Okay, okay.... but tequila dares don't count! :p
  3. WHOA BUCKAROO!!! YOU are the one who started those fruity-tooty tropical umbrella type drinks in the jacuzzi! All in a LAME effort to impress the Avatar Girls!:nonono:
    Pish posh! You call yourself a redneck and you can't even handle 'shine!:nono: And WTF is this nonsense, POLLUTING Jack with water?!?!?!?:eek:
    Ummmmmm..........Yes!.............They do!:nonono:

  4. BTW, WTF are we wasting time arguing when we're supposed to be
  5. Yes, his middle name is Frank and he hates it with a passion...

    I can't chime in too much, D's drinking career shouldn't have started. Dad's let me try a few different beers, they don't do anything for me. I've found a couple of red wines that I'll tollerate for Passover and such, but there is one light drink that I like. It's called 'Raw Tea'. It's iced tea, peach juice, and something else, only 5% alcohol and it comes in a rootbeer sized bottle.

    Yes, dad knows about aaaallll of that.
  6. I'm sorry young lady, but there is ABSOLUTELY NO underage drinking in the Closet / Gutter pool area!:nono:
  7. Meh. Drinking really doesn't have any meaning to me. Dad raised me in the way that I understood yeah, people drink, but he's not going to sit there and say "NO! That's an horrible thing to do, don't you ever!" So, I don't feel I have to drink to be rebellious or cool, or anything like that.

    I'm allowed in the Gutter now? Ewww, with all the fur, and what was it last filled with? Pudding or something to that degree... Not sure we want to know the truth... Heh, I like my spot on the edge of the gutter. I get to make my own little comments and not get in trouble for it. :D
  8. Ummmmm......Deanna........Uncle Fuzzy just had a thought (quick before it dies of loneliness) Who's minding you and the Scott-man whilst Daddy El Cheapo is in The Land of the Rising Sun?:scratch:

    Uhoh........ummmmmm someone have a fire extinguisher handy.............:eek:

    see what happens when Fuzzies think:bang:
  9. Scott and I were alone until Monday evening when my Nana came out. She's been here and will be until Friday after school. We really only need her here because Scott gets home 20 minutes before I do and there has to be someone to get him off the bus. Otherwise it would have just been scott and I, and maybe our aunt stopping in every now and then.

    I have to pick up El Chepo at 9pm on Friday. With a 12 hour time change this eppisode of Jet Lag will be fun. Who wants to come along?!
  10. I highly recommend the trunk for pop's ride home from the airport.:nice:
  11. The Civic's trunk is huge... He'd fit just fine.

    I'm about an hour or so away, and I've ALWAYS wanted a Cobra....

    Hmm.... I hope Nana is a deep sleeper!
  13. Nice try, car...... but I don't think Ninja-Dee is gonna let anybody steal away from Chepsk8 that article commonly known around here as HER Cobrask8! :D
  14. Ya once D gets done with you, all you'll be good for is shark bait!:lol:
  15. Boy, I go away, and they're already fighting over who gets the Cobra!

    Greetings from Japan! A different place, that is for sure!

    I have lots of pics to post, the neon in Tokyo at night is just as bright as Vegas or Times Square!

    Been a good trip work-wise, and thanks to my Mom whol is watching the kids.

    I'll post pics when I get home!


  16. What the heck!

    I left for 2 days, come home, and find you guys running amok. We all already know that i am next in line to receive the cobra. I need it worse than any of you. So why don't you guys load it up on a trailer, Follow this map in detail, and give me my rightful possession. When you arrive we can go to the lake, I will pick up a keg at Gobal Liquor and plenty of pirate rum. And we will see just how full the gutter can get, I know its dangerous territory, but i think i am ready.

  17. Ummmm, Dan about your Mum.:rolleyes:
    Ever see the movie "Weird Science", the scene where Chet comes home and finds his grandparents in the kitchen closet?:shrug:

    I just want you to know I had NOTHING to do with it. It was ALL that slimey green walking eyeball's idea with a little help from D and Scott.:spot:
  18. What?????? I had nothing to do with that, I was too busy playing with Cobr... I MEAN; WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???? :eek:

    Last I saw of Dan's Mom; she and Deanna were sitting in the kitchen talking, and I passed you in the doorway and you had those flowers and that goofy grin on your face and.....
    OH, NO! :doh:
    You didn't, did you? Oh, Man! That's just so un-cool. YOU WERE TRYING TO HIT ON DAN'S MOM! :eek:

    Jeeze! I mean, some Mom's can and should be hit on; Carl Edwards' Mom :drool:; Miss Heather's Mom :drool:; that little red-headed school tea NEVER MIND! The thing is, you don't hit on a Buddy's Mom!!! :nono:

    Good Lord, I leave you alone in the kitchen with the woman for five minutes; and you turn all horn-dawg on us, and now she's not gonna make cookies for us any more and.....:nonono:
  19. YOU A$$HOLE! I wasn't hitting on Dan's mom. I was bringing her the flowers for Mother's Day since her own son was too damned cheap to get her any himself!!!:nono:

    BTW.......**BURP!!!!** The cookies were delicious.........I told you not to dawdle!:p

    Now what was that about a cute little red-headed school teacher?:scratch:
  20. Yeah, suuu-rrr-rre you were! :rolleyes: You had that same look in your eyes that you say I get when the Closet Keeper Chick (and her blonde sister) come over to The Closet for our Jacuzzi parties! :p