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Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by Cobra18, May 12, 2004.

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  1. Anyone know the 1/4 mile of an automatic 2004 nissan 350z? Mid 13's? I think its a pretty light car for 287 hp.
  2. My guess would be mid to high 14's b/c a 5spd 350z runs a 14.0-14.2.
  3. It may be light, but what's the gearing?
  4. Last time I checked its not that lite, 3200 pounds is not really a light car. 04 mustang gt is 3350lbs.

    As for a guess probably low-mid 14's.
  5. All I'm finding is mid 14's for the Z. But why are we discussing the Z? Just curious.
  6. 13.8-13.9 @ 101mph for a good driver. I've seen tons of low dyno's for these cars. Something just doesn't click for the car. For the power it should be putting out it should do 13.5-13.6. but for some reason it doesn't :shrug:
  7. The Track models usually run low-flat 14's, and even high 13's with a good driver. The Track models are pretty nice. Forged 18" wheels, Brembos, etc. Just so spendy. They're just about as much as a Cobra, when fully loaded.
  8. Actually I have not seen the track run lower then a 14.1. Just becuase it has the looks and the paper numbers does not mean it can out them to the ground. It seems that a lot of people on the internet are starting to claim its a super car or something. I use to lurk on one of the more popular 350z boards. You would be amazed at how many threads I read where they dogged the mustang but said they have been beaten by them over and over. Most of the owners dont even try to claim its that great.
  9. I've run against a couple of these at the track before. I'm not sure if they were 5-spd or autos, but they ran right with me at about 14.2 - 14-3. They have the hp, but they gearing to really get into the 13s. Power does you no good if you can't get it to the road.
  10. My mom has a 6-speed Z with the NISMO stainless exhaust. It's a great little car, but it's no rocket. Seat of the pants tells me somewhere around the 14.0-14.2 range being told here. Mid-13's, no way. You know how U.S. automakers have been CONSERVATIVELY rating their powertrains? I guarantee that the 350Z is not making one solitary pony more than the advertised 287. That said, it's a fantastic little car. If only the new Mustang has the ride and driving dynamics of the "Z", we'll all remember our fox and SN-95 cars as ox-carts.
  11. I raced one at the track and beat him as he had a 5sp model and ran a 14.5? so they are ok......but nothing to be a scared of....
  12. 350Z = 287HP in a 3200lbs. car

    350Z = 14.0
    G35 = 14.3
    G35x = 14.6
  13. I test drove them when they came out. You really have to rev them up to get any power out of them. The Mustang bottom end torque is way better. Plus they are geared kind to make up for the lack of power.
  14. Unfortunately, it drives like it has 27 horspower or so less. 350z = 14.1 with a good driver. I have not seen one break that.
  15. you got that right. i'm actually cross-shopping the 350z vs the mustang gt. there's seems to be less hatred toward other cars on the 3 mustang forms i read.
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