Off Topic...Could this be a scam artist?

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  1. Here's how I believe it'll play out because it happened to me.

    The guy will send you a check for alot more than he's paying for the car. When you go to cash the check, it'll sit in your bank for a couple days and clear. So you'll have access to the cash money.

    Then the scammer will tell you to wire the difference, usually a couple thousand or more, to him via western union. He'll make up some clever reason why you're getting more money than you're supposed to. So you'll go to your bank, withdrawl his extra "cash" and send it to him. That money will be unrecoverable meanwhile the next couple days will show that the check was in fact fake and you'll be out the money you just wired to him!

    I know this first hand because it happened to me and my wife back when this scam was still kinda new. I was on the phone with the western union lady and she argued with me for a good 20 minutes, telling me the check was fake(I was wiring the money to Nigeria and she caught on to it right away!!) I called and sure enough it was completely counterfiet. That lady saved me 2500 bucks!
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  5. dang, another dumba$$ moment for me. I'm just full of them lately! Would explain the correct time frame when it happened to us.
  6. What must you have typed into the search function to pull up an over 5-year-old thread, I'll never know? :rlaugh:
  7. At least the search function on this site works!
  8. I didn't read the other posts, but for some reason the email sent to you gave me a major case of deja vu. Could be cause when we sold our 72 VW Camper Bus, we got damn near the same email. Minus names and type of car.
    This is very much a scam!!!!