Official 4.0 SOHC MPG Report Thread

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by Katmandu, May 14, 2005.

  1. Post your mods along with your Fuel Mileage (City, Highway) here in this thread.
  2. K&N drop in, only mod
    no a/c city 23.5 no a/c highway 29mpg
    so far with a/c im averaging about 23.5 for both highway and city (i live in phoenix, a/c is on all day)
  3. Not to bad!

    How about some more reports.
  4. If i wasnt so lazy, i would check it. :D Wish i had gotten the intrument upgrade.
  5. Just resert your trip meter everytime you fill up gas. Thats how i do it.
  6. Kids these days. You don't NEED instruments to help you calculate MPG.

    Like the dude above said.... Reset your trip odometer when you fill up. When you fill up next time just take the # of Gallons used to fill up into the # of miles driven.

    Post your answer HERE!
  7. I'm averaging 22mpg in city driving. On my last road trip I averaged 29mpg.

    Mod's are listed in my signature so I won't repeat them here.
  8. Like i said, i'm lazzzzy and dont feel like recording miles and filling my tank all the way, i always put $25 in every time i stop :)
  9. Checked last week 25.6 MPG with A/C in both city and highway driving. No Mods
  10. Just a thought, but how about some average speeds to go with the MPG?

    Interested in what MPG we can expect on the highway at various speeds. Be a helpful guide for determining optimum cruising speed for my commute. :D
  11. my 29mpg on my road trip was probably an average speed of about 90-95 :)
  12. Amazing ... how'd you manage that?

    Only have 800 miles on my V-6 automatic so far, commuting M-F between San Francisco and Mountain View, CA. Last tank was about 23 mpg. Doing 65-80 mph on the highway, but probably one third of the trip is city driving.

    Does mileage improve as the car breaks in ... ?
  13. My first tank was 21.5mpg (included a trip to the dragstrip) and that was mostly city driving. Since then, mostly city drivin gives me 24mpg (no ac) or 22mpg (ac).

    As for gettin the 29mpg, 5 speed manual, cruise control :)

    Im sure i could push 30+ if i would have slowed down a bit.
  14. Good tips, fazm83. I haven't used the cruise control much, since the manual advises not to maintain a constant speed for long periods until you've passed 1,000 miles. Almost there, though!
  15. It should. Things start to break in and loosen up a bit.
  16. Ya, i put 1100 miles on my car in the first 6 days lol. Now i have just over 8000 on it (4 months)
  17. :shrug:
  18. That means that I liked your thread so much I made it a sticky. This way it stays at the top of the first page.
  19. Just an update on my gas mileage. The hotter weather here (phoenix) is makin my gas mileage decrease a lot. Havin to run the a/c 24/7 and the higher air temps (makes cars less efficient i beleive). Down to about 21mpg in the city (90% city)