Official 4.0 SOHC MPG Report Thread

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by Katmandu, May 14, 2005.

  1. 2700 miles on my V6, AT. Only mod is a set of GT take-off rims.

    Im getting about 21mpg city driving A/C on about 1/2 the time. Lots of start and stop driving. I keep my foot in it, after all if I wanted to go slow, I would drive a Yugo!
  2. 300 miles round trip to Lake Tahoe. That's up and over a couple passes. In the 70's in Tahoe, and in the 90's in the valley. Started with just over 2700 on odometer, Just over 3000 when I got home. 29.9 mpg, used 10 gallons gas. Kept my foot out of it most of the time, but passing slower cars going up hill was no problem. 5 speed man. [email protected] drop-in, Magnaflow dual exhaust.
  3. The EPA estimates aren't this high and they are also higher than actual mileage. I don't want to question anyone's honesty, but I have a problem believing everyone is getting 29 on the highway and 22 in the city. Eighteen in the city and 25 on the highway I will believe.
    Again, I don't mean to question anyone's honesty but these figures seem to good to believe.
  4. The epa's is an estimate, or average, and if you look at the thing on the car about gas milage, it says right on there (atleast on mine) that you could experience between 21-29mpg highway, and 16-22mpg city.
  5. What echo7 said. When i romp through a whole tank of gas, i still get around 20mpg.
  6. I don't get that in town and I drive like Mother Teresa. By the way, a thread over on the talk forum lists what are probably more reaslistic MPG figures.
  7. The last tank i just did, i throught i drove through it pretty hard, and i got 22mpg, my goal is to get a tank under 20mpg lol
  8. I finally did mine, 20.6mpg, highway, and some city, both using a/c 50% of the time, with very heavy foot.
  9. And thats with an automatic right?
  10. Just got done with my "abused tank" of gas and i got 21.42 mpg. I dunno how you guys do it (get under 20)
  11. I'm getting about 17mpg city, 18.5mpg highway (70-80mph on a 36 mile commute in each direction). Maybe it's the extra weight of the vert that results in this poor gas mileage? I've got just over 2000 miles on my car. This has been a disappointment so far - I'm seriously considering garaging this car and getting a commuter-mobile for work. If I knew the V6 gas mileage was going to be this bad I would have just went for a V8!
  12. If you are gettin that bad with the v6, imaging what you would be getting with your 8.

    If i recall, the 05 mustang was designed from the get go to be a vert, so the vert doesnt have that much extra weight added to it, compared to previous generations. This is why the vert and couple performance numbers are so similar.
  13. True. It's also worth mentioning that I have a set of 19" rims on the car with 245/45s in the front and 285/45s on the back. I ordered a set of the 17" '05 Bullitt-style wheels from with 235/55s that I am going to put on next weekend. Maybe with the lighter wheels I'll get better gas mileage.
  14. Im still runnnin the stock donut tires. That could have something to do with it. My range has been between 21 and 29mpg so far.
    When these tires go bald i will be replacing them with some 17 or 18 inch rims with wider tires, so we will find out what it does.

    Also what brand gas do you guys use?
    I use nothing but chevron, do in all my family vehicles, its been good to us. (we own a mechanic shop, so we see the effects of cheap gas)
  15. Going 70-80 mph in a vert will kill your gas mileage, especially on that big of tires/rims. I'm surprised your getting as good as your getting, lol
  16. I get 15 to 16 in city and 22 to 25 on the road. That's with a V6 coupe and NOT driving it hard. My dealer says the mileage is normal.
  17. I just did mine again and it went up to 20.8. I also had the X-Pipe/Duals installed on this tank, and was flooring it almost constantly. My next tank of gas i will take it easy and see how much gas mileage i've gained from it.
  18. I use Citgo (7-11) gas. I also can say from experience I do not recommend 19" wheels on this car! They're too heavy and the ride is very harsh over 60mph. They came with my car (dealer installed) so when I get my 17"s on this weekend I'll let you know how much it improves. For what it's worth the 19"s hang on at any extreme but at the sacrifice of comfort.

    echo - why is that? because of weight, aerodynamics, or... ? I've had my vert up to 100mph so far. It's incredible with the top down :)
  19. Well with the top down, your aerodynamics are shot, and with 19" rims, thats alot of extra weight that your car has to deal with too. Rubber weighs much less than aluminum :)