Official 4.0 SOHC MPG Report Thread

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  1. Did you get a different speedometer gear to CORRECT your speedo/odometer for the taller wheels/tires ?????????
  2. Well if he got it from ford that way, then ford would have done it for warranty issues, i had to pay $65 for them to do mine when i upgraded my tires
  3. Don't 05's still use speedometer GEARS like this.... FordSpeedo.jpg

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  4. Nothing was done with the speedometer that I'm aware of... I'm switching to 17" rims this weekend so I'll be sure to do some speeding and ask a cop what speed he clocked me at versus what the speedo shows :D
  5. well they told me that had to recalibrate by computer so everything would be perfect, especially for warranty issues, but ive heard of those gears, but if i get a speeding ticket, fords paying for it.
  6. First 2 tanks were 24.875 & 24.664 mixed driving. Last tank was 22.1 90% city driving. So far I'm very pleased with the MPG's of the V6...

    Auto, K&N drop-in, single GT muffler...
  7. oh yeah, my new exhuast setup boosted me up to 21.9 mpg (still with lead foot, just no 0-100+ runs)
  8. i dont know why you v6 guys are all excited about your gas mileage. my gt get about 17-19 city and 25-27 hwy. look at the window sticker. the mpgs for the v6 and v8 are only 1 mpg different. i dont see the point of buying a v6 for the gas savings. maybe if you said the v6 has all the power i need, or i just wanted a cheap mustang, or something like that i could see the v6. but for mpg, i dont get it.
  9. The V6 has an overall lower cost of ownership (initial price, insurance, cheaper maintenance, etc). Getting better gas milage than the V8 is just one example. I bought my vert as a V6 because I couldn't find one at any of the local dealers in GT form that wasn't marked ridiculously up. In hindsight given that I am getting worse gas mileage than you stated I would have just went for the GT. At least with 300+hp I would have good justification for it!
  10. Yeah, i couldnt get a GT either, so i settled for a V6, plenty of power for my first real car. And i know i wouldn't get good mileage because i would probably have an even heavier foot in a V8 than i do now :D
  11. my little gauge says im getting im averaging 13.8 mpg is this accurate?! I guess I should do the whole odometer deal to find out for sure. If it is accurate how can I get more mpg?

    2005 screaming yellow automatic

    mods coming soon:
    stripes and window louvers
  12. seems very low, is that the instantaneous or average reading? I would try doing it yourself, by the pump, to see what you get.
  13. Did mine again today, 21.5, so this confirms my 1 mpg gain from the new exhuast setup
  14. I am also getting an average of 12-15 MPG over the 700+ miles that I have driven my car. I am going to check the MPG for sure at the pump tomorrow.
  15. I have 20 inch wheels, dealer installed and get about 22 mpg on the Hwy. I don't do a lot of city driving.
  16. Finally got 30+mpg (30.82) on my way back from rexburg idaho, got it between beaver, UT and here to phoenix.

    On a side note, i used shell 91 vpower in utaho, and i got 25mpg in the city, thats the best city mileage ive got (i only use chevron in my car, but i couldnt manage to find one and i was gettin low on gas)
  17. I got 16mpg on my last tank of gas. I got 181 miles out of a little over 11 gallons of gas..... I don't understand how one stang can get 25mpg and then the same car with the same engine can get 16mpg? I have about 1700 miles on the car, maybe it needs to break in a little or I should stay away from crappy gas.
  18. You probably drive like I do. :D
  19. I'm with you. I check my MPG all the time. 15 to 16 is what I get in town, that's with air conditioning on, etc.
    On the road I can get 22-25. My dealer tells me that's about right.
    I, frankly, have problems believing higher figures.