Official 4.0 SOHC MPG Report Thread

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by Katmandu, May 14, 2005.

  1. Anyone is welcome to come with me on a road trip, i dont really car.
    how do you guys shift your cars, what gear do you cruise around town in, etc.

    40+ im in 5th gear.
    I shift between 2-3k rarely above.
  2. Did you get your speedometer/odometer recalibrated after you swapped to larger diameter wheels ??????
  3. V6 Mpg = 22.5

    22.5 MPG / mixed freeway, canyon and city driving

    I have a heavy foot (*blush*)
  4. Mine is a pig... but only because I drive it like a beast. Haven't had it on the highway for an extended period yet. I will be making an extended trip in a couple of weeks, then I might do better... I like the feel of 3300 - 5000 rpm... coming off of a high acceleration in 2nd gear let the engine slow the car down from 4500 rpm and you can sure get some heads to come around and see what all that racket is about. :banana: :banana: :banana:
  5. On a recent roadtrip from Va Beach to Memphis I averaged 29mpg at 70-80mph with the ac on. I 40 is mostly rolling hills through Tenn. My only mod is a set of Gt takeoff wheels.
  6. After my road trip to Solvang this past Saturday, I logged in 300 miles and got 31 mpg. The only mods I have are GT Bullitts and a K&N drop-in air filter.

    I'll probably get 20-21 mpg this week due to what rain does to L.A. traffic. :notnice:
  7. Well, I got 19.8 MPG on my second tank of gas. Then got Quik Trip gas for my 3rd tank. Been driving the same, and it's at 18.5. I got about 29.8 MPG on some highway driving with my second tank (first 35 miles or so was highway, I reset the MPG with the new tank). Not going to be using Quik Trip anymore. No mods yet, tune coming soon, new muffler maybe soon after.

    Anyone use any gas treatment or anything?
  8. I first bought my 95 V6 for the gas mileage but turned out to suck. I have since changed to a 302 with mods (265 RWHP with auto) 14-20 mpg best then changed out to a 5 speed with 17-22mpg and it screams power. I've been thinking about doing it again and this thread has helped. Like good gas mileage don't buy an auto. I'm planning on selling my 2001 Cougar and getting one of you guys cars with a 5 speed since the gas milage is sooo good and the power is fine since I'll be selling my 5.0 to buy the supercharger and wip the GT's out there. It's about time Ford did the v6 mustangs right..

    P.S. If you buy an auto v6 you could have had a V8 stick and had the same mpg. That ran through my mind all the time, so I thought I'd share.