official 4.6 liter Mustang photo thread

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  1. Yep we need a side view so we can fully take in the drop!
  2. Street form...........

    Track form.......
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  3. Nice GT Navarro... what type of wheels are the track wheels? Greg Weld/Racestar?
  4. Thanks.

    Yes they are Greg Welds.
  5. ^^^ Where did you get your headlights and are they any good?!?! :nice:
  6. Here's the headlights I bought. I have nothing but good things to say about them after a few months. Make sure you buy a set of chrome amber bulbs for the corners. Looks 10 times better.
    Click Here
  7. My mach after I got her back from the shop a month or so ago.

  8. I LOVE your car's awesome. Relatively subtle in appearance but means business!

  9. Kinda bummed....August 6th I said goodbye to my baby. :( It was a very sad day, but I know she's in good hands. (A local dealership owner purchased her privately)
  10. 1998 Mustang GT


    When I bought her in APR 2010



    After eibach Springs, offroad h pipe, flowmaster 50s, CAI and a set of 4.10s. more to come.:D
  11. OK OK here are some better pictures of my car and its new springs, struts, and shocks. Also here she is washed, waxed, and claybar'ed.










  12. Here are some updated pics of my POS:

  13. i finally feel like my car is worth to have a picture in this thread.. almost done fixing the prior owners beat up mustang :(.. new front bumper and mach 1 chin spoiler (i painted it to match when doing the bumper).. fixed the huge dent cover with spray paint on the drivers 1/4 panel.. gave it a good buffing (a month or so ago.. could use waxed).. painted grille horse black.. changed brakes & painted calipers red new tires/wheels.. drivers belt molding.. i have a new rear bumper for it that is primed and ready for paint. and that's just cosmetics :D mechanical is another nightmare! but it's getting to be perfect one piece at a time.

  14. Hi! I'm new to owning Mustangs. I've always wanted one and now I have one, I just purchased this used and I'm looking for ways to update the look (I just updated the tint with 20%). My budget isn't very large (only make 1680/mo) I was thinking about Body-kit or Chin spoiler and maybe a new paint job (No idea how much that would run me) maybe getting on and getting small things like pins and exterior chrome. Any suggestions would be amazing and Thank you!

    Here is my car.


    Uploaded with

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  15. First thing is first get rid of those ghey wheels and don't buy a body kit. That car is really close to being a darn fine looking vehicle once you get some better wheels on there. Also, you don't need a new paint job, and you certainly don't need any more rice accessories like exterior chrome and pins :nonono:

    If you want to spend some money, start by getting a nice set of lowering springs, new shocks/struts, SFC's, and LCA's. Is that a GT or a V-6? If you've got the GT, you could also up the performance by getting some new exhaust (mid-pipe and cat-back), a mild set of cams, and a dyno tune. With all of the things I listed above, you'd have a sweet looking, nice sounding, relatively quick GT :nice: good luck to you
  16. new pics new setup

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