official 4.6 liter Mustang photo thread

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  1. here's mine

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  2. updated pics of my junk...

    Lowered it with H&R SS springs, Tokico HP blue shocks/struts, and MM C/C plates back in April and just got the polished Saleen wheels installed with Nittos last weekend.



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  3. F'kn right Hoocbb... that think looks awesome and has a great stance :nice:

    Are those 18x9's all the way around, or do you have the 18x10's in the rear?
  4. 18x10s in the rear. Running 245/40-18s in the front and 285/35-18s in the rear. Should have gone a tad wider in the front, but it's not terrible.
  5. Awesome looking car Ski :nice:
  6. HOOCBB did you install springs with the iso on or off? Uppers and Lowers? Front and rear? Car looks extremely clean and the stance...that's why I am asking about iso's...cause I think you've just sold me on getting the H&R SS springs....

  7. DSC_00191.jpg

    SLP Catback Exhaust, B&M Short Throw, Ford Racing Intake Manifold, S&B Cold Air Intake, Professional Products Intake Plenum, Plenum Spacer, Performance Clutch, Diablosport Tuned.
  8. Tis my 2002 GT

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  9. work with what i got 68196_1604523070407_1156037797_31487460_7170417_n.jpg
  10. I love your car Lars... I just f'n love it :nice:
  11. Thanks man, yours is cleeeeeeean.

    I got in a set of MM C/C plates for it Friday, and UPS is bringing my MM FLSFC's today.
  12. Nice, I'd love some CC's one day. Would also love a 4V :drool:

    BTW, what kind of tint is that and what %... I've been meaning to get mine tinted as well
  13. No idea, it is decently dark, but it is bubbling up and peeling. I need to get it to a shop so I can get it replaced.
  14. Dang, been a long time since I was here last, back in mid 09.
    Lot of sharp rides. Here are a couple of mine. A after just purchasing and a after a few visual mods. I bought this in late 01 and still have not changed any drivetrain components, lol. Am I crazy? No. Still have visions of power to be added, but just havnt taken the plunge. Oh and it only has 13,000 miles :nonono: Yeah well, stored in the winter and driven usually only on weekends.

    Not very good pictures.





  15. Looks good man. Just a piece of friendly advice, but you should try taking some pictures somewhere other than on the grass. Maybe its just me, but pictures of cars in the grass just look like poo. Find some old warehouses or an empty parking ramp with a decent backdrop :nice:

    Your car looks great though, no question. Much better than when you bought it :)
  16. any one up in here
  17. Oh I hear ya. I just happened to be at a friends house and didnt want to block the driveway from his neighbors. Had my camera at the time and thought I'd snap a couple. But yeah, it doesnt look real good on grass.
    I really want to get some shots at around sunset sometime.
    Thanks for the compliment. :nice:
  18. hey beezle can u help me with somethig about my mustang