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  1. 2001 GT

    This is my 2001 GT in Oxford White. I purchased it new on March 10, 2001 at North Central Ford in Richardson, TX. I have owned her for going on 10 years now. No major mods as of yet. The mileage is currently sitting at an incredibly low 19455. That is the result of many overseas assignements and deployements over the last 10 years. I do drive it and enjoy it very much. It was such a nice day today that I took her out and took some new pics. She needs a careful detailing which she'll get in the coming weeks. The pics aren't great as I'm no photographer. Here they are.









  2. There're some very nice stangs in here !
  3. Just saw this, I apologize for the lack of response. Thanks for the compliments. Unfortunately, it's not very clean right now since I wrecked it last week and it's sitting at a body shop waiting on the verdict from insurance.

    I put Energy Suspension poly isos in the front and rear (top and bottom). I don't know if it made any difference in the stance, but I also put the sway bar end links on that came with the Energy Suspension bushing set.
  4. Tell me what you think

  5. My 98 gt .. Not as nice as alot of these cars on here but I enjoy it.
  6. ^ looks good man... might want to think about getting rid of the door bumper guard. I think it would really clean up the lines on your car... nice choice in wheels too BTW!

    It's sweet seeing a car from another country. Even if you hadn't said anything I would have suspected that car was in a different country based on the countryside. Other than a few select places the countryside here in the states looks nothing like what you have there in Scotland.... very cool pics...
  7. be careful with removing the door bumper guards! you can literally pull the paint off your car if you get the hairdryer too close

  8. Hey, where did you find this rear bumper!? I've been looking for one of those (with the black plastic part at the bottom like the cobras) that doesn't have "COBRA" on it.
  9. I don't think anyone makes a bumper like that. Any of them you see w/o COBRA written on the back were likely filled and sanded by a body shop. That said, someone really should produce that bumper w/o COBRA written on it. It's by far the best looking bumper for the 99-04 cars... I HATE the 99-04 GT and V-6 bumpers they are too busy.
  10. I agree, I've always thought that was about the best looking rear bumper for the 99-04s too. Someone should definitely make those!
  11. I'll play... '01 GT nearly stock. 18" Cobras, O/R X with Dronemaster 40s, that's all that I know of.(bought used)
  12. Here's mine

    Took these when I drove it home. I need to get some better pics.

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  13. my thoroughbred

  14. The cars in here are beautiful...

    My turn:


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  15. 2011-08-10%25252019.51.11.jpg


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  16. 2002 GT

    well it wouldn't let me add the pics becasue I had already put them on another thread. sorry
  17. Well here are some I just took.

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