official 4.6 liter Mustang photo thread

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  1. Those cupholders are almost useless other than holding change...
  2. stang11.jpg stang12.jpg

    work in progress still need to mount chin spoiler, and the interior is getting a touch up right now`
  3. p1030345o.jpg









    Work in progress... Chin Spoiler, lowering of suspension... new wheels are all in the garage waiting to be installed. More updates to come.
  4. 102_3297.jpg

    No fancy artsy pics yet.
  5. Edit: Redo!

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  6. I can't help but wonder @brtnstrns if your front license plate isn't level.. maybe its just the pictures.

    @nine2oneGT gotta get some more info on that motor! That thing is a beast.
  7. Yeah I don't know either. I was kind of rushing the pictures today. Next time I can do a shoot I'm gonna take the plates off.
  8. I owned this car from May 04 to May 05 and missed it so much I just bought it back. Car had changed hands a couple times but the most recent owner repainted and added the new hood and a couple other goodies. So happy to have her back home.




  9. txredgt most of the info is in my sig. You got any specific questions?
  10. Any numbers? Where in Austin are you I haven't seen your car around at any meets. I usually frequent the north meets but I may start going to cabelas more now. That thing just looks awesome though. You sir have done it right!
  11. I wasn't interested in '03 Cobra rims, but I couldn't beat the price (free off of my brother's '03 Cobra).

    17x9 275 front, 17x10.5 315 rear



  12. I'm in love with your car! So simple, yet so clean!!!

  13. Those rims look really good on your car. It just needs to be lowered to help make it complete. Its funny because American Muscle sent me one rim wrong in my FR500 order and it happened to be the same ones you have. Didnt think they would look good on our body styles but it pulls it off!
  14. Desperately needs to be dropped but here's a few pics regardless....

  15. Took this on the way to work today.
  16. Is that F-117 a scale replica or is it further back than it looks? There's no way they're that small right? Sorry...plane nerd

    Nice car by the way:D
  17. Its aircraft 780, the first full scale devolpment jet. Basically the first flying prototype. Yeah its back abit. Not sure how mad they'd get if I pulled on the grass for a pic, but might try it. I was the lead crew chief on 807 from 96-99. Plane nerd for 40 years.
  18. So lucky! I'm an aerospace engineer and am currently working at Weber Aircraft making commercial seats. I graduated last May and with the lack of opportunities I settled for it so I could get some real work experience. Hopefully I'll get enough to move into a more aerospace oriented company within a year or so.