official 4.6 liter Mustang photo thread

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  1. I'd love to get out of repair and get into design, but I have issues adding letters together. Hard time with anything past basic math. :( Just keep your resume up to date, learn everything you can, and keep looking, something will turn up.
  2. My 97 GT.

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  3. Everyone has FR500 wheels now... :(
  4. mustang1.jpg

    Figure I'd throw a pic on here, not much done to it yet. rarely driven. Currently have a 3 piece saleen wing being prepped and painted at the body shop, still unsure if i will mount it or not.
  5. Nice Bradfier!! Love the nitrous setup
  6. Thanks I got a few more additions before I'm ready to spray, but I'll post the results!
  7. Sounds good, keep us informed
  8. A little update on my sled with pics from a few weeks ago.

    And it's heart at the start of this season due to a mishap at the end of last season at the drags....

    and now all back together again....

    And what it use to lool like....
  9. Bad ass engine bay (and car of course). How'd you do the valve covers?
  10. Thanks.
    All i did is cleaned them, and scuffed them, then used Dupli Color OLD FORD BLUE Engine Paint. I used a full can for both to give it a nice thick gloss look to them. Might have been over kill, but i wanted the blue to look deep, and rich.
  11. OK, Newbie here, would like to add the car my son just got it's a 1999 GT w/ 24k miles............BTW: you guys sure do rock your cars out, man they are AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  12. I'm digging your choice on wheels brtnstrns, just wish we didn't have to have crappy front plates in TX or that the bumper has that indention on it. It's missing an intercooler behind that front bumper though like crazy! How's the IRS plans coming along?
  13. Haha, intercooler is far out in my plans. Still acquiring all the parts for the IRS. Will probably have it in in the next few months or so. Gotta save up for the FTBR bushing kit, 31 spline diff, and catback.
  14. She isn't much but here's mine...
    IMG_0002 small.jpg IMG_0007 small.jpg

    Here one with blacked out 500's
    IMG_0023 small.jpg
  15. edit: double post