official 4.6 liter Mustang photo thread

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  1. I know this is only supposed to be pics of 4.6 but the only picture I could find of my Mach had my 86 in it. 1986 GT
    1996 GT
    2004 Mach 1
  3. Say, what wheels do you have on this thing? Size and style and finish?
  4. Forgot i had a another one, but seems i cant edit my OP..

  5. @speedtrip Man I love your car! Considering getting that cobra front end on mine!
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  6. Might as well post my 02 GT.

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  7. 33379964701.353634637.IM1.06.565x421_A.565x374.jpg 32936845661.353634637.IM1.03.565x421_A.565x374.jpg

    01 Gt Bullitt
  8. cobra-1.jpg So here's mine I just picked "Dash" up yesterday and I lover her already cobra-2.jpg 1997 Cobra
  9. Looks pretty nice man.
    Now ya just gotta lower it...
  10. cobra-4.jpg Just took some after I got her home and hit her with some quick detailer
    cobra-8.jpg In case you're wondering, that's a 65 ford Falcon in the background, and Oliver Row Crop 70 Tractor with a tarp over it and a Rusted old Plymouth Special Deluxe
    cobra-3.jpg I have to agree, The Hoff, she does need more low.
  13. just got her on the road

    2014-02-20_13-02-53_420.jpg IMGP9259-2.jpg

  14. Don't think I have been in on this one yet.

  15. Finally took a decent picture
  16. Here's mine right now, 116k miles and stock as a rock. Build thread and pictures to come soon. Parts are already in the mail for her.


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