official 4.6 liter Mustang photo thread

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  1. Im sorry to say this but I think that body kit does not go too well with that car. Sorry im not a big fan of the mismatch mustangs. :nono:
  2. Since I forgot when I joined.

    Here's a pic of my car. I have more but this one, compared to the others, is just drop dead gorgeous. Too bad I did have a coat of wax on when I took it. That's my dad getting the mail. Wave if you see him on the road.

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  3. Looks Clean and very nice!
  4. looks nice.

    Should probably be a thumbnail, though.
  5. Ok, thumbnailed.
  6. New pix from this weekend with my new black DD 18's.




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  7. That body kit just does not fit the curves of our cars. Should have atleast got the Saleen kit for our years.
  8. KS00GT, thank you for making me want a chin spoiler even more :D
  9. Sorry....:D
  10. dsc014866qv.jpg


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  11. Heres mine



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  12. Your car looks amazing. :nice:
  13. Nothing Special.



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  14. Wrong! They are all special. :)
  15. [​IMG]

    I realise that everyone is titled to their opinion so I'm not going to say much. But I'm sick of seeing the same old Saleen kits on the 94-98 body. Personally I much prefer the body of 99+ stang, but I gotta work with what I got. I wanted to try something different. I think with the the right suspension and wheel set up it should look sweet.

    I just bought that kit a few weeks ago. It used to be a stock (on the outside) fading laser red GT with mismatch body panel colors. Trust me, this looks a whole lot better.

    The side skirts are saleen copies. The front is a cobra r copy. I didn't get the saleen front because i didn't like the curve bottom of the bumper with the weird fog light holes. The rear is a saleen from a 99+ body kit but adapted to a 94-98. I got this one because it hangs down lower behind the rear wheel arch and matches the rear end of the front bumper. It doesn't have the front heavy look (at least to me) of regular 94-98 saleens. "Be glad I didn't go with the Black Widow kit"

    Again, just my opinion. I'm proud of it. Thanks for all the comments and criticism though.
  16. That saleen rear looks so out of place on that bodystyle.
  17. :uzi: GTs with bodykits. V6 mustang +bodykit=:ban: The Roush kit is the ONLY one that looks good imo.
  18. I'm having hard time tryin to pick out which front bumper cover..03 cobra or stg 3 roush.
  19. stangbyriver5.jpg

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