Official Adam95gt Pictorial Progress of Swap / Clean Up

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  1. As many of you know ive been trying to swap out my car for quite some time now. But working full time and being a chemistry major leaves me no time to work on my car. The car curently resides at my friend chris' shop in princeton NJ. In 2 days we have acomplished alot. We went from the car being in a running stock state To well you get the point check out the pics. all my questions ill keep posted as well as updates. i usually only get one day like every other week to work on the car so this will be quite slow.











    Still have a bit to go b4 sand blasting can begin....
  2. what are you changing or doing differently?
  3. adammotor013.jpg

    List of the Build:
    306 block
    keith black flat top pistons(hyper)
    wolverine 1190 cam shaft.
    10 cut crank.
    Stock rods.
    Arp rod bolts
    TFS KPI street heads (old twisted wedge with inline valves)
    3/8 intake spacer
    65mm BBK TB
    TFS TB elbow
    24lb injectors
    24lb pro m maf.
    FRPP pulley set
    comp magnium 1.6 rail type roller rockers
    TFS Track heat manifold.
    low milage stock t5
    low milage ford racing clutch kit.
    walbro 190 fuel pump.
    all new gaskets
    new starter
    new rad
    new rack

    BBK catted H
    BBK shortie headers
    Flowmaster 40's

    HP blues

    New vert top.(yet to be ordered)
    New heater core
    MM 6 point cage.(yet to be ordered)

    Clean up bay:
    hide wires
    Sand blast
  4. Hey there! Thats a purdy looking new engine. My day will come sometime. Good luck with the swap!
  5. Throw some tape over those intake ports young man! Should be a solid 12 second car when you're done.


  6. Thanks man. this is a super budget build. :nice:

  7. Yea i hope i can run mid 12's with it all day
  8. looks like you got a good start going. if you have the cash, i'd put in a k-member. i'm kicking myself now that i didn't do it when i had my engine out
  9. +1. It was a pita doing it with the engine still in.
  10. Im tight on cash but anyone know any reasonable priced units... isnt there one you can still use stock a arms (PA racing maybe) $250 is a little more money then i have to play with right now... but i think chris has 03 cobra arms he took of his 98 cobra to put on the entire MM kit.
  11. Nice! Looks all too familiar from when I helped Aaron tear-apart his engine bay. I am jealous, hopefully I will be doing this next winter, but at that time I'll probably have money tied-up in a home purchase... well, at least the tear-down part is free :D

    Kind of off-topic for this stage of the build, but did you ever get that Word document about how to change a 'vert top yourself? I'm starting to think I want to install my own black cloth top because I'm too cheap (broke) to pay someone to do it. If you do, can you send it to me? That would be awesome.
    [email protected]

  12. No i never got it ive been trying to for ever.

    Update. Found a QA1 k member for $175 new locally! but it says 79-93 i think its 79-95 correct
  13. ive heard good and bad things about this k member either way i offered the guy $150 and told him i could pick it up tonight.
  14. picking up k member in 15 minutes... You guys think the k member will be fine with sport lines considering this car will see alot of street time??
  15. I hate you guys... making me buy a tubular k member with in 12 hours of your posts.... Is this everything/??

  16. :lol:

    that was easy... you should also get one for me too, cause uh, uhh, you know, two are better than one.
  17. well i figure for $175 and he drove 40 minutes to around the corner from my house it was worth it
  18. looking good man, maybe seeing your car in progress will motivate me to do something with my 95 which just sits and has been for about 9 months now? Post up the filiment of that k-member as well...why not take the extra step and do tubular a-arms and coilovers and call it a day?

  19. Cash is curently tight... Still NEED a top.... a cage and tires would be nice as well:rlaugh: I dont know y i bought this.... peer preasure probally:nonono: