Official Adam95gt Pictorial Progress of Swap / Clean Up

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  1. Glass is in. Top will be finished today. Chris isnt alowed side work at his job any more. Someone dropped their car off a lift :jaw: So he needs the garage for a cobra hes working on so i told him id get my car finished and out of his way. Its a good push for me to get **** done.
  2. Thanks, and no problem.
  3. Oops lol

    did you ever get your tune issues figured out?
  4. Eh. I had someone helping me out a very good tuner at that. He seemed to think my car had a miss fire by looking at the data logs. However i think the inconsistent wideband readings are due to the large primary's in my headers leading to a fluctuation in the readings. Because the tune on the car is running hard.

    I dont know if im going to put the car back on the road. Since i just moved that means i need to change the title over and pay for registration again. Then since its a private inspection state i need to pay to get my car inspected. I showed the guy that inspected my focus pictures of the mustang and engine bay and he said he would fail it right away for "not having a maf in plain sight" and other parts missing under the hood. I had to explain i retained EGR just internally...:bs: So i need to find someone to inspect the car that will do the extra yard to see yes i have a maf....
  5. Is that guy retarded? Does he know without a maf it won't run for **** lol.
  6. WTF difference would the MAF make? Are they worried you converted it to DFI? State inspections are turning into a crock of ****.

  7. Kurt I was wondering the same thing. Not like it has anything to do with emissions.

    Actually my freak of nature ran fine without it. I fired it up one time and realized I never put it back on
  8. I forgot to pluy mine in one time, and I got a check engine light. Didn't run well, but it ran.

  9. Kurt.... I regret to inform you that my spare cluster parts were thrown away :(
    Im sorry man i looked everywhere today.
  10. Convertible tops are a nightmare.. Especially when they are marked incorrectly... We had this thing on and off about 5 times.... window not lining up... wrinkles... etc... Cold weather doesent help... I gave up for the day. The glass seems to be holding in solid now so i replaced the cowl pieces and interior trim. I may try to finish up tomorrow but i still have several battles to fight with this top... The bottom is still slightly wrinkled. I know what needs to be done to fix it though. Pics are in chronological order. Its getting better and better but the back window is really really tight in there. The line For the bottom trim stick was incorrectly marked to high up. SO in order for the window seam not to show the window has to be super tight.

  11. wow what a load of ****zle. adam when is your car going to be done I bet your dieing to get it done. lol
  12. Its never going to be done, there are alot of future plans. Im not in a hurry to finish it. I have to focus to drive, it would just be nice to have a back up car.

    There is still a seeping head bolt and the tune to work out... Eventually it needs a cage and paint. Then i havent decided on boost or bottle. Id like to go turbo but i have alot of coin tied up in these headers.
  13. Adam, after following along all these months I can tell you really love to do all the work yourself. But in all honesty there are 2 things in a Mustang that mere mortals should never tackle on their own (unless you are a professional!). One is rear end gears and two is a vert top. I LOVE to save money myself and will attempt just about any repair on my own accept those two items. I'll bet you're at least pondering the idea of getting the top installed by someone else aren't you! lol
  14. Nope Ill get it right. Its just about right actually. I picked up the top for $125 awhile back so even if i completely mess up im not out a boat load of cash. I had a staple or 2 come loose on the one side. I havent set it all down firm only a few staples on the bottom strips. The problem really lies in me needing to get this car finished to give chris his garage space back. Its really just a patience issue with the top. Slow and steady wins the race. I expected a nightmare it hasn't disappointed but i expected worse...

    Chris has one or 2 8.8's under his belt and hes going to do mine on the bench. (he gave me his rear, hes going IRS) We are considering bracing the rear. I still need to buy the 31 splines and carrier.
  15. Really appreciate you looking for it. Don't worry about it, another solution will present itself.

  16. I'm farf from a pro,but I'll tackle just about anything under the sun.

    2 things,IMHO you need are determination,and attention to detail.
    That and the ability to research the problem.

    My rear gear install went smoothly.
    Until I cracked a carrier shim.
    It was either be lazy and leave it,or get a new shim.

    Got a new shim and ground it (by hand) to size.

    Been going for a couple thousand miles now,no noise or problems.

    Determination and attention to detail.

    Kurt,I have a spare gt cluster here.
    Pm if you need it.
  17. Windshield completed with trim. Made progress on the top, Had a small issue that lead to a tiny slit in it :(

    Fixed the broken weatherstip:

    Small slit....

    Look at this cookie... Seriously...
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  19. That's not really what I would call a cookie...I think tease is a better descriptor...did it come from like Jenny Craig or some ****?

    I gotta tell you...I check this forum EVERY DAY to see if you have done anything to your car...kind of stalker-ish, I know, but oh well...
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