Official Adam95gt Pictorial Progress of Swap / Clean Up

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  1. More Powdercoating work finished up:

    Swapped to a 90mm Lmaf due to tuning issues with the pro M:
  2. Fox powersteering pump bracket with a SN timing cover; I don't get it.

  3. Not my car. Its on a 4cyl fox converted to 5.0 with sn95 parts/Procharger.
  4. Adam, how does the vert mach 460 system sound compared to coupe's? I LOVE the way my coupe's Mach system sounds, but my new vert doesn't have it, only base Mustang sound system. Basically wondering if it's worth it to find a set of Mach enclosures for a vert.

    How about subs in the trunk, can you hear them enough to make them worth while?
  5. My mach sound never worked. My wiring was so hacked up when i got the car. The old lady that owned it before me had someone put in a head unit and alarm. well they didnt take in to account the mach used different resistance speakers so all it did was crackle. Everything was so hacked up i just taped all the connections and ran new speaker wire to the doors and the rears. I had 3 10's in the back and i could hear them fine. Im gonna slap one 10'' in a custom fiberglass box in the next few weeks
  6. I will probably just install my Mach tweeters in the doors and opt for a sub in the trunk. Will probably sound much better than the Mach system anyway. What I have now sounds like ass compared to the Mach system! lol
  7. Probably, I got them 5.25'' for $20 on craigslist new in box. Better then nothing.
  8. Tacked steering shaft on car pulled it and welded it... (no more play):

    Clock spring:
    tab was broken
    Depinned and used my old one:

    Horn still didnt work... It was a bad relay.

    Still working on the tune.
  9. Worked on tune some more... right now im forcing OL at low RPMS. Stumble is gone so is lean idle...

    Washed it:

    Snapped a pic or 2:

    Interior is 90% done:

    And another video:

    I love how it sounds... just wish it was 100x quieter...
    DSCF6196.mp4 video by blindfoldedhope - Photobucket

    Also someone drove by while i was cleaning the focus, offered to buy it from me... when i said no they said they will be back to steal it.
  10. Tired of cut up tires:

    Also worked some 96 cobra oem 02 sensors to work on my crap:
  11. It took me a few days but finally got through this thread. You guys tackled just about every job. Hats off to you there was some things I wouldn't have touched. That dash project from the pictures looked like so a pain. Looks great, good job.
  12. I had to do that twice, pokageek gave me a call and asked me to come down to md and do his. :nice:

    I learned alot from this car.
  13. Will this thread continue or is everything complete? We removed the stock camshaft on the 92GT today and installed a split duration TFS Stage 1 cam which was brutal in the 95 degree heat. Looks like you guys disassembled the entire car.
  14. The thread will continue, i have alot of plans for the car but my student loan payments take first priority right now. I enjoy working on cars and i get my fix helping out chris with his projects.

    Hes working on 2 right now:

    Future plans for my car:
    Battery on off switch
    Finish switch pannel for tuning hardware
    Add laptop mount
    Cage (6pt)
    Through the floor sub frames
    Upper control arms
    Finish rebuilding the spare 8.8
    Powdercoat the spare 8.8
    Rebuild my spare t-5 (geforce)
    power adder (would like turbo but i have a ton of $$$ in to my headers)
    Pull all the brackets and powder coat them
    New seats (g/f hates the current ones)
    Pick up a new rear seat
  15. My fat ass gave my seat a gangsta lean.... :(
  16. Got a few more issues with the tune worked out. Adder2k gave me a hand and pulled some timing in the tune and the bucking issues stopped... Now i can cruise out of the drone zone.

    Thinking about going turbo this winter....
  17. when you're not too busy having friendly conversations with your dad on facebook, pull that seat out and bring it over so we can tear it down and fix it.
  18. Sorry for bumping an old thread. Just read through and wanted to know if anyone knows whatever happened to this car. Seemed like a cool project.
  19. haven't talked to Adam since last year at the American Muscle car show. at the time, it was more or less running good. they put it up on the dyno that day but the numbers were a little too low to be expected. he was going to go back over it to see if anything was wrong. I don't think he's posted since.