~Official Deep Dish 03 Cobra Wheels~

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  1. Took some pictures of my buddy Erik's new wheels today.

    Enjoy. :cheers:
  2. dude, that cobra is siiiik, nice wheels too.
  3. :jaw: damn thats clean. Those wheels are sick.
  4. Wow...those wheels sit perfectly!
  5. Nice pics, wheels, & car!!!!:nice:

    I used to have the same wheels in black on my 95 GT....
  6. Damn those look sick as hell on that beautiful cobra:nice:
  7. Wow.

    To be honest I don't like DD wheels on the front end, but damn if your Cobra can't pull it off...:jaw:

    The rears look sick as hell...
  8. Looking great man:nice:

    I think that DD front and back can look amazing, if done right....and this is a perfect example :D

    It's all about how your stance is, like how low it is, offeset of the wheels, raked etc. I was even playing the the option of going w/ some Black Bullitt DD with chrome lip, running them front/back :drool:

    IMO, it is all personal preference, so whatever I like, someone else could hate :shrug:

    .....But, I think we can all agree that this car looks gooood :)

    Anyone else out there running DD Cobra's or DD anything front/back?? Lets see 'em :SNSign:
  9. DD chrome bullitts front and rear. Just ordered the 10" rear wheels with a 295/35 drag radial, should look really nice. EPIK nailed it, it's your own personal preference and it's important that YOU love your car and forget everyone else. I say rock on, and love the DD cobra's.

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  10. It's not my Cobra. I just took the pics. :nice:
  11. Wow, yours and Eriks Cobras always impress the hell out of me. :hail2: The clean-ness of them is just perfect :nice:
    I need to come and get pictures with you guys after I detail the hell out of mine :rlaugh:
  12. That's one sexy looking beast!

    btw, what wheel/tire size combo are those? I'm about to make a purchase myself.
  13. LOL... Yeah, we try to keep them clean that's for sure. When ever your ready Bill. :nice:

    I am fixing to do a complete detail of my car including the full undercarriage, wheel wells, paint, interior, and engine bay. If you thought it was clean before...LOL.... :rlaugh:

    17 X 9 front w/275-40-17 and 17 X 10.5 rear w/ 315-35-17 Goodyear GS-D3's.
  14. FACk! those are sick!
  15. Now I dont wana go for pictures anymore :mad:
  16. Whoops, sorry about that...:rlaugh:

    They look good on there though.

    ...but almost nothing tops your wheel setup...:drool:
  17. :lol::lol::lol: