Official GT40P headed 300rwhp thread!!!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Killer95Stang, Nov 30, 2004.

  1. 2 points of compression is significant
  2. 11:1 is pushing the limits of pump gas on iron heads. But hey, performance is about pushing limits.

  3. I was just wondering if anybody was running full-length headers on there GT40P set-up. Because, I'm running a set I found at a swap-meet, and yes they are GT-40Ps I'm runnning them on. However, the headers are 3-Bolt flanged, no part # on them.:nice:
  4. The 315rwhp is plausible but I still ain't buying 398rwtq from a N/A 306. That could only have been an artifact on the dyno curve.
    Most well-built N/A 306's fall in the 340-350rwtq range and the highest I've ever seen is 360rwtq (with 344rwhp).
  5. it would be nice to see/review the graph.

  6. You know i have seen so made odd stuff and combos ever since i got in to this mustang stuff, It wouldn't really suprise me if his #'s are solid.

    Granted, I posted the link and video, and thinking that it was impressive and what budget build can do.

    i would ask to see a dyno graph when i meet him soon, and if not, whatever, There are so many odd ball combo mustangs running around here on the street, doing 11's in quarter or doing mid 7's in 1/8th in LA, it's not even funny,

    I just wish we have more tracks out here :)
  7. 1.03rwhp/ci from a GT40 combo is definitely impressive. There are much higher $$$ HCI 302/306 combos that haven't reached 315rwhp.
    I'm curious to see the shape of the torque curve and the rpm at which the engine develops peak HP/TQ.
  8. Yea area under the curve is the impressive part to me....not peak numbers!
  9. 302 Windsor Combo

    Hi all
    First post i have ever done i am located in Australia and building a 302 with Gt40p heads ported ETC i just wonting to here some feed back on what power you all think i will make im running Aftermarket headers twin 2.25 exhaust Trick flow track heat manilfold match ported and GT40P heads witch have been ported no flow number to post.1.7 rockers .550 lift 222 duration @ .50 and 115 lobe sep.

  10. This car does not have 398 RWTQ period

    Power is probably correct.

    If TQ was correct, that car should be Quite a bit faster in the 1/8th with more MPH

    my stock E7 setup did 85-86 in the 1/8th

    That torque is 331/347 territory, unless the car is running no accessories and possibly being dynoed in 3rd gear.

    Bump for badass gt40P combos.
  11. Whoa, long time no see !!! How you been man? How's the stang? Anything new?
  12. Dyno graph or it didn't happen!
  13. Dyno's can lie...
  14. but they are more truthful than humans!
  15. Unfortunately they aren't. Dynos are operated by humans so they can lie as much as their human operators allow them to.
  16. Exactamundo!
  17. It's hard to say. That sounds like a blower cam to me.

  18. Correct, however, all we have now is a "human" we don't know shoving some BS up our asses. A dyno sheet would significantly support his claims whether they are falsified or not (even though there's no way for us to substantiate the sheet anyhow).

    So I will stand by my first statement, dyno sheet or it never happened. At least a dyno sheet would prove hollywood isn't full of crap! :nice:

  19. Sounds like he already told on himself with that 1/8 time....
  20. I'd rather have the dyno sheet and a 1/4 mile timeslip. If both make sense when taken together, there's little chance of either being BS.