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  1. Well I got 4 jackstands and one jack. I jacked up the rear and put 2 jackstands underneath the rear axle on the next to highest setting. I then drop the rear carefully and jack the front of the car up and and put two jackstands underneath the a-arms. I will usually put something under the tires for an extra catch incase one of the jack stands go or slip off. Just for safety you know :)

    To lower the tranny a friend helps or atleast get a jack with a wooden board to even the load out and place it under the tranny in a balanced location. Pull the tranny out a bit to get the bearing retainer out of the clutch assembly/pilot bearing You can then lower the jack down. I would then carefully slide it off the jack (because the jack made it to tall to pull out) and pull it out towards the front wheel well because it allowed the bellhousing to clear. I would keep the bellhousing attached to the tranny. But while your under the car (to get more room) you could unbolt the tranny from the bellhousing. You should then be able to slide it out.

    Good Luck man:nice:
  2. Thanks 5sp GT I'll keep you posted on the progress, I'm headed out to buy a jack and jack stands later today... Oh crap, I havent bought a clutch yet! :bang:
  3. I have a write up on how to replace the rearend housing bushings. Who can host it, I have it in word and PDF. format both with pics.
  4. Does anyone have how-to's on checking piston/valve clearance? or one on adjusting your ped. mount rocker arms?

  5. Intermittent wiper fix

    This is a cheap way to get the interm. wipers working if you don't want to replace the entire switch. Hope it might help someone out in a pinch.
    If you still have part of it working and part of it not working (like the interm. part not working right), try to find some electronic contact cleaner (like CRC, etc). Be careful to cover all the vinyl parts and instrument cluster with a towel that are around the turn signal lever this stuff will splash around a bit. Make sure that the ignition switch is turned off. Spray the cleaner in between the lever section and the part that turns on the end. Work the knob (wiper switch) part back and forth. Do this several times, letting the cleaner "work" in the switch portion of the lever. Be prepared to catch any cleaner that may drip out the bottom of the switch. If you have compressed air handy, use it to blow out the residual cleaner. If no air, just let it dry for awhile before you try to turn the key to "on". Don't want any nasty interior fires here!! Try to find a cleaner that will work on "energized electrical components" or something similar to that. I did this about two years ago, thinking I was going to have to replace the entire switch and the wipers have operated as advertised since then. A lot of goop came out of the switch on mine; it probably got some pop or coffee or orange juice spilled on it and contaminated the rheostat that is in there for the intermittent wiper timer. Sorry this is so long...hope this helps you out on the cheap!! Good Luck!
  6. Headers

    Anyone got an article (ppictures would be great too) for installing shorty headers on a 2001-2004 mustang gt?
  7. Might wanna check the 4.6 section. :)
  8. this worked!!!!!

  9. Single Turbo setup

    I found this write up on a single turbo homemade setup. Has many, many pics. Pictures say more than words with this kind of mod anyway.
  10. Anyone have a how-to on hooking up water and oil temp gauges???
  11. There was an awsome write up on converting to Fox Throttle Body, where did that go?
  12. i wish there was a walk through for removing the smog pump(eliminating):SNSign: and egr
  13. alright anyone got a walkthrough for putting air in the tires???

    im j/k thanks for the smog delete:nice: debating doing this in my garage or waiting till spring to take it to a friends with a lift and a lot of nice tools lol
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