Official SN Power Adder Poll

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by MRaburn, Sep 3, 2004.


What's your preferred Power Adder type?

  1. Turbos

    191 vote(s)
  2. Centrifical Superchargers

    248 vote(s)
  3. Roots Blower

    67 vote(s)
  4. Nitrous

    85 vote(s)
  1. Centrifugal was my choice.

    I don't want to feel like a ricer when I mention to one that I have nitrous. Not that it's rice, but you know. :stick:

    Turbos I've never experienced. Roots are cool too but i like the whine; plus most non-V8 guys drop their jaws when they see the size of the Vortech compared to their little world parts :)
  2. I'd have to say my vote goes for a big single turbo, even though my first power adder will probably be a s/c due to cost. plus I love the whistle of a turbo building boost.
  3. Turbo, with big intercooler or maybe 2

    k- here we go god hate to say this, this is gonna sound wrong but...
    1984-1986 svo mustang 200 hp dinky turbo wrong intercooler possible of up to 700hp, simple change your exhaust, chip, t-3/t4 hybred 300-350hp
    4 cyl. (comp preped version ran 12.00 flat with that tight susp) (front intercooler though)
    3.8l supercoupe (thunderbird had one nice car but not enough power, the GN boys were whipping ou a$$es, with a general mistake 3.8l with a single turbo,
    yes dutweiler was helping on that project from the factory, but still hmmm
    dont remember which member it was but 1.8l turbo vw makes 190-200 hp 1.8
    audi s4 v6 made 370 hp(top of my head think thats right) from the factory 2.7l v6 twin turbos, rs6 audi v8 twin turbo made 450 hp from the factory,
    not sure about the porsche 911 turbo 6cyl, somewhere 300+,
    jaguar xj220 made 700hp 6cyl 4 turbos though, porsche chayane 450hp 450 lbs v8 (what would happen with that with a chip??) other words turbos are far more efficient.......... :lol:

    This is the part where everyone bombards with sr351 saleen and roush stage3
    and my favorite ford gt.
    what would that ford gt do with twin t4's?? up to 35lbs of boost yea can i have one, turbos all the way big intercooler and a small shot of the juice to cool things off, my dream lol

  4. i'd take any of em', price aside i would get a turbo
  5. 331 with a nice S-Trim

    331 Stroker Kit
    Satin S-Trim

    That is the future for my car, waaay down the road. For now I will stick to checking off the needed items...

    MGW Shifter
  6. I love having a turbo.
  7. I voted for the turbo. I will have my car turboed in the spring!
  8. I'll go with S/C. Turbos are hella custom and cool but seems like the only people with turbos are straight drag racers.
  9. In my opinion, turbo tubo turbo! You can make more power without major modification to the motor. Regardless of what others may think, a custom single turbo setup is about the same price as a s/c setup.
    I am not a drag racer. When finished, my car will be an everyday to work and back 500 hp stang!
  10. I like all 3 poweradders, but I can't afford the s/c or Turbo. So, I'll be going with nitrous. Its the poor man's supercharger. If money wasn't the issue I'd build 3 cars: high compression 418 stroker w/ 200 shot of N2O in a fox coupe, S/C 331 in my 94, and a single turbo'd 351 in a hatchback. Oh and I also want an 03-04 Cobra w/ KB 2.4 supercharger.
  11. I have a friend that has a good sized turbo, sportsman 351 block and a X2C TKO tranny and its a 650hp daily driven car. He has a 25 mile drive each way to work everyday, and it sits in traffic in the Texas heat without overheating. I am also building myself a 500hp daily driven turbo stang. Sure its alot easier to make a turbo into a wild drag racer, but they can very easily be a mild street car too.
  12. nitrous price wise, but if price wasn't a factor, definately turbo
  13. seems like ive done this before LOL I voted turbo its most efficient but price wise i went centrifugal, nitrous refills will eventually surpass the price of either.
  14. Well, I had to repost my opinion... STANGNET CRASH OF 05' rules!

    I voted for centri ... I got a Vortech on my car and it runs strong! Gotta love that!
  15. i want to do a vortech v2 sq s-trim on bored dart 302 to a 306 or 331. i'll have a good h/c/i combo also. but mines goin to be a 400-450 hp sleeper.
  16. Since i'm running a s-trim....its pretty obvious what i vote for.
  17. Turbo, of course.
  18. nothing like the sound of a turbo spooling on a rumbling V8 :wub:

    Next project will be TT on a 351W in my 67 Fairlane... :nice: Lots of room in the engine bay, baby!